Looking fοr more info οח Autism аt tһіѕ level. Mу child οח a regular day. Hаtеѕ tο һаνе clothes οח. Lονеѕ tο look аt himself іח аחу reflection.

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25 Responses to “My Autistic son Jaylen on a regular Day”
  1. JennaLeighhh says:

    he is adorable!

  2. Jaden2000UK says:

    @333pinkitty its common, im autistic, im 11 and i hate to wear shirts and stuff and i still have to wear a diaper. but i like being different :)

  3. 333pinkitty says:

    Is it common for autistic children to not want clothes on? I ask this out of curiosity because I have heard of several other autistic children feeling the same way..

  4. cooldude22032 says:

    fucking spacker.

  5. Bendovernowplzok says:

    @cooldude22032 Obvious troll is obvious, go back to 4chan.

  6. emfranx37 says:

    @cooldude22032 How dare you.

  7. 420Ganjafarma says:

    @ cooldude22032

    wtf is wrong with you?

    i hope you do spend the rest of your life in prison getting butt raped you inconsiderate ignorant asshole.

    you are the definition of scum.

    adorable kid you have there,

    to those of you who have harsh words for him, just because he cant express what he thinks and feels doesnt mean he cant think or feel.

  8. cooldude22032 says:

    he is being such an idiot id rather be in jail for life than have autism

  9. sarahrose0413 says:

    My son is 11 now, but did the same stuff at that age…he is on the “diet”, and we did some meds for a while, but none of them ever worked for a long period of time. He is currently on clonidine, and melatonin, but that all….the good news is that every yeasr the treatments get a little better. (((hugs)))

  10. mcs5085 says:

    he is soo cute! lol

  11. ChronicPlaymate says:

    My son is 4 he has it aswell, and when i saw your boy i saw mine in the same moment. He does the same thing with the stove. He loves his reflection in the stove,mirrors ne thing. He also loves Trains, and is the pickiest eater everrrrr. Thanks for the vid makes me think of my boy <3

  12. scmaddog says:

    thx 4 the vid definitely come to the conclusion my son has it too

  13. ringosinclair says:

    hello, How old is He? My son Cameron ( 3 last week) has Expressive and receptive language delay, there was talk or autism but for now ( as he is improving) its been put aside. He lives in his own little world alot when he gets stress and reenacts TV shows he moves alot like your son though and will always be naked unless its cold. I might post a video of Cameron doing his thing ( his quirkiness) heheh would love to chat. and I think your Son is so darn cute!

  14. annonamousegirl1 says:

    wow ?

  15. 1BONJOVIGIRL says:

    y is his diaper full?

  16. aliesmom11 says:

    our son has autism he is 8yrs old now, but we cant keep clothes on him, the minute he comes home from school he strips down to his briefs, dr. said he probably feels like 1000 needles thru his body.

  17. smith22ful says:

    His diaper looks full.

  18. MisfitPandaz says:

    Aww he is so cute. :]

  19. dodgyplonk says:

    my own son does this and he was just diagnosed with autism but he does it when ever he can see his own reflection eg mirror,when the tv is off, the side off the car and the stove it. i think they like to see themselves and how they move.

  20. PINKluvr01 says:

    why are most people on here commenting about their own kids? what about us normal viewers

  21. iriji1 says:

    I hope to brighten your day – I’m in my twenties and enjoy making these noises when alone. Odds are he’s enjoying the feeling of expression without caring about the content. A sort of distilled form of play. Not saying he isn’t odd, but hey at least he’s a cute kid :-)

  22. TheMsbrandynicole says:

    My 4 year old son is the same way. And even makes the same sounds. What was he labeled with. My son has P.D.D. and O.C.D.

    God Bless ….. B

  23. mercuryrisin2003 says:

    same here my son gavin does same as jayen.. they are in such a .. trance? (idk what to call it) when looking at the stove… drives me crazy what he is thinking and sumtimes i think that right then.. he is trying so deperatly to communicate.. my son that is.. good luck and my prayers with u and yours

  24. sachypink says:

    my son does the same thing hes autistic too and hes two brothers

  25. sofly78 says:

    hess soooo cutee

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