Mу Brother James, a fictional film frοm Punk Productions follows 2 days іח tһе life οf James, wһο suffers frοm Aspergers Syndrome.

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6 Responses to “My Brother James part 1”
  1. fluxoid says:

    I also see similarities with myself in these videos. Tuning out of conversations, dislike of barking, wondering what people think, have to sit at the same place, etc. I like to look at trees or the sea. As a child used to rock back and forth while I was drawing, played “monotone” marble-games by my self and other things. At school I talked all the time and I also had “rage-attacks” :-( I almost never get angry as an adult, just depressed. I’ve always been a fast learner.

    I’m also too honest.

  2. robgolding96 says:

    Having grown up with my brother, i fully undestand the condidtion and he was able to advise on the set to get maximum realism.

    Im really sorry to here about your son, schools and pubils can be so harsh with things they don’t understand and im fully aware it can be a stuggle.

  3. robgolding96 says:

    Thanks very much for your comment on My Brother James! It was very much appreciated.
    The film itself was made as my final year dissertation at university, and for it to be a good project i knew i had to produce a film about something personal.
    I don’t actually suffer from aspergers, but my brother does, so he helped me write the script, and then i played him in the film.

  4. thorneybob says:

    check out the vids by jdplvy

  5. themartelfamily says:

    This was a great video… I have a son with Aspergers he is 12 years of age. He was formally diagnosed at the age of 8, but we knew he was different from the age of 18 months. Do you have the condition, or were you just acting? I can relate to everything in this video and I have such fears for my son in the big wide world, as some people can be so cruel. He has been bullied his entire school life, for being a little different. :(

  6. ChaosX3 says:

    Heh, filmed in Bracknell. I used to live there.

    I found this to be a very interesting experience. I’m currently undergoing an Asperger’s diagnosis (At Skimped Hill, coincidentally), and I kept seeing examples of my own traits in the character.

    Very good work.

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