Mу Brother James, a fictional film frοm Punk Productions follows 2 days іח tһе life οf James, wһο suffers frοm Aspergers Syndrome.

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12 Responses to “My Brother James part 4”
  1. 11pouncey11 says:

    lol i outgrew the daily routine. i use to like sitting at the same spot a little but not much as i use to.

  2. theangryocelot says:

    Oooooh man, the thing about meeting on time? That’s me to a T, and I get EXACTLY like James – all fidgety and freaking out. I don’t understand why someone isn’t somewhere at specified times – it’s SO damn rude to me, mostly because it upsets me so much. It feels good, knowing I have AS, that others like me go through the same thing…

  3. bopn says:


  4. n9netrgr says:

    awesome going to watch the others parts first….

  5. Jimbogf says:

    Wow, deja vu. I have AS, I’m exactly the same in every aspect. My name is also James. Weird

  6. jbketron says:

    Thanks for the clips about Aspergers. I have a son with AS and I am glad to see someone out there helping spread awareness about it. Stay Safe. John K. in Kansas

  7. mariatherese says:

    I can’t believe someone else out there is like me. I thought I was the only one who felt like that, acted that way. Maybe I’m not a freak. Thank you.

  8. Rachadd says:

    Thanks Rob for giving us in insight into Asperger’s – Understanding people on the spectrum really does help them. There’s not enough Awareness about autistic Spectrum Disorders it’s a shame. Thank-You so much for these clips.
    Best Wishes

  9. thorneybob says:

    check out the vids by jdplvy

  10. veilsophia says:

    fuck! i AM like that! and i’m not the only one on earth!

  11. bacci40 says:

    great film….but its aspergers

  12. kim0322 says:

    Thanks, it really gives more insight as to what some people live through every day.

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