Tune іח fοr tһіѕ unusual presentation οח autism bу someone wіtһ autism. Animal Science professor Temple Grandin, wһο designs livestock handling facilities, discusses tһе value οf early intervention іח autism, аחԁ аbουt medications. Otһеr topics include һеr sensory sensitivities аחԁ һοw ѕһе manages tһеm, һοw ѕһе аחԁ οtһеr autistic people tһіחk, аחԁ social relationships аחԁ careers. Series: “MIND Institute Lecture Series οח Neurodevelopmental Disorders” [6/2007] [Health аחԁ Medicine] [Sһοw ID: 12868]

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25 Responses to “My Experience with Autism”
  1. veiledexpressions says:

    Temple is amazing!

  2. eduteau1 says:


  3. veiledexpressions says:

    I think most people are aware that autism has profound levels. Most people are also understanding of the word “spectrum”.

  4. veiledexpressions says:

    Aspergers, as a diagnosis, is being removed from the DMV. The word “spectrum” is there for a reason. I have a child on the severe end of the spectrum (non verbal, pull ups, seizures), and one on the high functioning end. It is all Autism. She also had a clinically significant speech delay, which excludes her from an Aspergers diagnosis.

  5. nels00 says:

    This part probably didn’t interest too many people, but the part towards the end on prescriptions is quite accurate. Parents should take note.

  6. kgaccount says:

    I would say that is a better way to describe her, though by saying this, it is contradicting what you were taught..as if in fact HF autism is Aspergers, than how can one have both mild autism and severe aspergers? Maybe, it woud help if DSM 5 would classify Aspergers as mild to severe…with severe reflecting aspects of autism in milder form…but keeping Aspergers its own disorder apart from autism…as autism itself has HF to profound levels…

  7. nicolina1987 says:

    I have a psych degree and I was taught that asperger’s is high functioning autism. It is on the autism scale, and there are ranges of asperger’s. SHe would be classified as severe asperger’s/mild autism.

  8. Kimble275 says:

    I have a friend who has aspergers. And the difference between Grandin and himself are quite different. I will not say that Grandin doesn’t know who she is. But neurological pathways can be influenced by thought practise and event learning.

  9. kgaccount says:

    Notice how most of the comments here are saying “high functioning autism” as if that is the only thing around. I think most of you will be quite shocked to learn that you’ve been misinformed about autism…I suggest looking at the video I made called “autism spectrum seems out of control” and “autism epidemic out of control?” Temple herself says in media interviews she is “aspergers” not autistic, by the way..many people don’t even catch that..sickening to see how many professionals use Grandin

  10. IDidItForTheLulz200 says:

    Wow, this was really enlightening. At first I didn’t understand what she meant when she was talking about categories, but when she said the bit about crossing the street I was like, oh, wow. It’s like autistic brains cannot grasp the concept of generalization. I never knew that. This was really awesome.

  11. bubblz0314 says:

    I have Learned so much in the first 10 minutes. Holy Cow… pun intended!

  12. dafranx says:

    Temple Grandin, you are a great inspiration; you’re a great hero. You make people with autism be proud of what they are. I have autism myself, I have it since I was a baby. I have some symptoms for autism, like Echolalia, having social problems like I have little or no interests in making friends, dates and such. I rock back and forth on chairs. I have language problems myself. Temple Grandin, you make me feel so proud, and I love that HBO movie, based on your life. :-)

  13. MrJovansMama says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video. My son, Jovan, is 12 and was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism a year ago. Before that he was mis-diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 4. I knew there was something more. I just wish there was more people helping in Vancouver, Wa.

  14. derekox says:

    At age 2, one doc said I was autistic. My folks went to get a 2nd opinion and were told that I wasn’t. When I was little, my math, spelling, and map skills were off the charts but I was special ed. in reading comprehension and I was bullied a lot. I have a near genius IQ and when I read about aspergers, I said, ‘holy cow, that’s me”! But I don’t know for sure.

  15. conyelp says:

    hughestube4, I just checked the official HBO web site and the DVD is available. If you do a Google search for HBO web site when you get to it click on New Arrivals. The DVD is available for $15. It’s well worth the money.

  16. victoriamack says:

    WOW I wish I knew when this came to my school, I would’ve went! My little brother’s high-functioning autistic and I’m very interested in this field

  17. assert says:

    Does this have something to do with the Mind Institute at Davis, CA ??? OH yeah nevermind I just answered my own question, those people never contacted me???

  18. imf1281 says:

    Movie was fantastic! If it had a cinematic release Claire Daines should be given an Oscar.

  19. tommerrigan1956 says:

    i continue to maintain Tom Seaver is a far superior pitcher to Nolan Ryan. It’s not even close.

  20. RoseSiegel says:

    “My own internal Google” – love it…

  21. RoseSiegel says:

    I hate itchy clothes, too…

  22. dyzmom says:

    My recent Facebook post: ~~~Note to all parents: I posted this link [to the video above] earlier today because it’s a wonderful resource for anyone with autism in the family. But now that I’ve seen more of the 1hr 20min lecture I’m realizing that it’s a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the different ways that all people, autistic or otherwise, learn. Pay special attention to what Ms. Grandin says about nurturing children’s talents.

  23. gasmeister says:

    Usually when a movie evokes me to tears I feel like I’ve been the victim of cheap emotional manipulation on the part of the author/screenwriter/actor (oh, look at the cute kitten or aw, the dog died). With this movie however, I was moved to genuine tears to see the amazing journey and progress from near incapacitation to full functionality with amazing self-awareness and objective integration into society that temple has undergone. Bravo!

  24. flyfili says:

    I just watched the movie. Bravo!

  25. noellerox13 says:

    me 2

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