Mу son, Joe, ѕіחсе diagnosed wіtһ high functioning Autism, learning һοw tο speak. Makaton gave υѕ ουr son. I cried tһе first time һе *spoke* tο mе. Hе looked out οf tһе window аחԁ signed *rain* аחԁ looked аt mе. I cried buckets аחԁ wіƖƖ never forget іt. Now, 3 years οח, wе саח′t shut һіm up!

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13 Responses to “My son showing his makaton signs”
  1. loz2301 says:

    WoW! I am loving the complete conversation you two had going here. :) My son is coming up 2 and doesnt talk, so I taught him some basic makaton..his favourite is ‘more cheese’ and ‘look’ (the way mr tumble does it) he’s very animated when he signs which I think he’s got from mr tumble, but we love justin anyway, so it’s all good.

  2. chromosome16disorder says:

    wow he’s good! i taught my son makaton when he was 2 as well.. it was the best thing i could have ever done. he’s 6 now and still doesn’t talk. but he uses his signs so well.

  3. rainbowmummy says:

    I was re-reading these and I just got what you ment, I thought you ment a tumble book episode. What books did you like, I have a lot at home, but those ones were my fav. I actually got a few”books” from the nas that were really handy, and free. One was Next Steps, but that was Scotland the other is Information for Parents ASDs and realated conditions. That was by the nas and treehouse.

  4. rainbowmummy says:

    5! just started school, a sn school. which the system didn’t want him to go to. is joe in school?

  5. rainbowmummy says:

    there is a really funny vid where he does a impersination of cliff richard, Cliff Tumble. I love him! can’t find any dvds though, and OH MY GOD TV IS BROKEN AS OFF TODAY! Yeah we were going to do sign or pecs sadly the slt was really crap, and I didn’t know any better.

  6. windyginny says:

    I loved the book one – could add some more on there!! Joe has just turned 5! How about your son?

  7. rainbowmummy says:

    I really look forward to seeing more of your vids! Ha ha sorry if my vids wasted your time, they are more me figuring out how movie maker works!!!How old is Joe?

  8. windyginny says:

    great sign isnt it – like the sweet one which is like screwing a hole in your teeth! ha ha. joe loves Mr Tumble – we called him Sir Justin!

  9. rainbowmummy says:

    I was going to sugessed you go onto cbeebies website assuming you were american, but your from uk! Does Joe enjoy mr tumble? mine loves him, the other day we walked past a butchers shop and as he had never seen one I told him that was a butchers shop. The whole way home he was saying “butcher shop” fingers at neck , “you sign (mak for sign, sort of rub hands without touching, bad example but you’ll know it..) butchers shop” then fingers back at the neck. It is such a horrible sign, slit throat!!

  10. windyginny says:

    lol – only just joined but will add some more. Glad you liked it. He picked up makaton so quickly – it was like he was thinking – *oh thank goodness for that – I understand you NOW you are not just blah blah blahing at me*. Life has to be visual for Joe to get it! Looked at your vids – nice one! :-)

  11. rainbowmummy says:

    He he I need to start reading when people join!! :-)

  12. rainbowmummy says:

    That was amazing. Made me really happy. My son can talk but not converse if you know what I mean. I mean he will i know but I think this vid will show a few people that you don’t need to talk to communicate. I am going to your channel now! best wishes

  13. Nickie says:

    Hi – this is absolutely fabulous! Would you consider sharing your story with others? On the Makaton website there is a section called Living with Makaton and know that these are a great source of support for other people using Makaton. You can sumbit your story here: http://www.makaton.org/about/stories-form.php


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