Autism awareness. Brothers wіtһ autism. Single mom raising two ƖіttƖе boys wіtһ autism οח һеr οwח.

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25 Responses to “My Two sons with Autism..”
  1. geoandpenn says:

    dnt give up i have 3 autistic children ages 8 six and 4 and for all those people with no real home training ignore them . they aint worth the time your kids are beautiful and you are blessed .have faith

  2. S4ndy71 says:

    IIi have two autistic sons,8 and 18.Take care and do not give up……it is so hard………

  3. TheAspieKid says:

    @christophe323 Yet I have autism (Asperger’s Syndrome to be exact), so what you said was kind of hypocritical to insult somebody who actually has this mental disorder.

  4. aadams141 says:

    I have a 2 boys as well, and I’m also a single mom. My oldest son, they have not diagnosed with autism but, they have questioned it for the last 3 years. He never spoke until he started speech therapy and now preschool! Good Luck!

  5. beauregardnmagnolia says:

    Such beautiful children! You’re blessed! And they’re blessed with loving parents and grands – sweet. ♥ Please, dear heart, if you haven’t already looked into functional neuropathy for them, please do. Never stop searching. God bless you.

  6. luiza2166 says:

    I am really sorry to say this but seeing the junk that people feed their children it comes as no surprise that the rates of all kinds of diseases is increasing alarmingly.

  7. Gingog says:

    i have ADHD And asperges AND IM 14 and im just fine… i think?

  8. otavioabu says:

    Unfortunatelly a lot of stupid fathers do that. Congratulations!

    PS: I’m an aspie!

  9. birds16ful says:

    I have a 16 yrs old boyfriend who is nonverbal autism plus Down Syndrome. I’m 17 yrs old with Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy.

  10. perliters says:

    Our children with autism are absolutely perfect the way they are there love for there mom is so true unconditional and will always be.

  11. jellymornington says:

    Look back at when the regression started. I bet its not long after their vaccines. Maybe 14 months then again at 4yo school vaccine time. Your boys are gorgeous xxx

  12. twajuanaful says:

    This made me cry. My daughter is two and will receive an autism diagnosis next month.

  13. snowygurl87 says:

    you have 2 beautiful sons :) Autism runs in my family too. my youngest brother started speaking like a normal child at the age of 5. So believe in you kids :)

  14. fabulously09 says:

    thanks you very much. actually, my son is having ABA in school. hes having Speech Therapy on a daily basis and he is improving and sooner we will hire a Sped teacher for his academics everyday. he is on a not-so- strict gf/cf diet, however, i always avoid sugar in his food and he is into supplements, too. i hope we can compare notes from time to time. again, thanks a lot and God bless to you and your family.

  15. autumnleigh32 says:

    Well, kendall needed ABA therapy.. plus some PECS…(picture exchange) They both get ot/sp.. kendall had motivators… like, he wanted to watch that movie, or he wanted to eat that we moved into signs..and said the word at the same time..and when he wanted it, he had to make the sign..but then he started saying the word AND doing the we kept on with that..he speaks with an impediment, but he can be understood and he is really quite smart for his age.. Good luck to you!

  16. fabulously09 says:

    my son is 7 years old now and he has regressed. he used to speak at three and lost it at 5. what did you do with your eldest to make him talk? Speech is the biggest issue my son has. i can give him commands that he follows. we are using the tap approach when he needs something. he speaks so little.

  17. autumnleigh32 says:

    Didnt have flu shots.. didnt start getting those until last year, I idont eat fish..dont live near powerlines… My nephew on my exhusbands side of the family has aspergers. I know several families with more than one autistic child and I know of a mother with aspbergers that also had a child with the same condition.

  18. zgadgets says:

    Flu shots, eat fish, live nea a factory with smoke stacks or cell site or power lines or did you have flu shot during pregnacy..
    Autism runs in your Family ???
    How is it genetic??? and who told you that??? What genetic stran is it on???
    Sorry for you situation… I believe it not just the vaccines but some of factors noted above a cocktail of different situations…

  19. nikeeweston says:

    hello lovey its me liz from FB, what an amazing video, i have subbed me darlin, beautiful music for 2 beautiful boys xx

  20. PabstFun says:

    wow i have autism don’t worry we are in this together

  21. MyPapparazzii says:

    this is touching……..u will make it with them, dont worry, they will be just fine :-)

  22. autumnleigh32 says:

    My children are 8 and 6. I knew something wasnt right with my oldest around 18months.. he never hit any milestone.. the youngest I knew earlier, because I was watching like a hawk..he was about 14 months old when I realized he was not doing the things he should be doing or hitting goals. The oldest can now talk, read, and write.. he is high functioning but still unable to function well in a public setting. The youngest is profound, is unable to speak and still is in diapers.

  23. autumnleigh32 says:

    Well Zgadgets, only ONE of my children were vaccinated. ONE. The less profound of the two I might add. I believe its genetics. The youngest was not vaccinated and is typical autism, while the oldest was, and he is higher functioning. FYI.

  24. zgadgets says:

    wow!!! is everyone brain washed???? They were diagnosed after they were vaccinated…

  25. stingeax says:

    can i ask at what age they were diagnosed? and how old are they now?

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