Mу name іѕ Kieran аחԁ i һаνе Aspergers syndrome, bυt dont feel sorry fοr mе coz i һаνе lots οf fun wіtһ mу plug.

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21 Responses to “My World”
  1. 007spudman says:

    how do you know

  2. hackyspudman says:

    have you got 100% on gh3

  3. jonathanwwe2k8 says:

    to you in your mind and if so this is what we call a clairvoyant which is abilltiy to see,hear,sense,touch,smell,talk to spirits so don’t be alarm if you see and think he is talking to himeslf because he won’t be he will either be talking to his spirit guide or the spirits itself whoever is in the room at the time so when he gets to 17 18 take him along to delvoped his clairvoylant abilltys so anyway all the best take care.

  4. jonathanwwe2k8 says:

    I have got adhd and I was doing very silly things at my old primary school etc but then one day I was standing in the corner of the yard as my friends kick the ball down there and as I stoped I started to day dream but then a voice came in to my mind and it said hi my name is mike which is my spirit guide’s name so sit your son down and say to him do you see spirits and has anyone talk

  5. jonathanwwe2k8 says:

    All I can say is keiran is a very GIFTED child with a gift from god he seems to me to be a future success with a bright clairvoylant future if you watch it again at the very start I can see a see through spirit attahed to him this will probably be his spirit guide as I was like that well I was 7 I haven’t got asperger syndrone at all but

  6. Spoiltz says:

    I used to wave my hands around at primary for stimulation. I too have asperges and I hope they love you for who you are. You are unique remember that.

  7. curreys33 says:

    My son is so much like Kieran!We too thought he had aspergers. We keep him off of milk and wheat.Kieran has a huge playlist of songs in his head that is always playing so it is impossible to keep still.Kieran is singing an amazing song if everyone will just stop watching his actions and listen to him. Get him into music lessons a.s.a.p. I found myself dancing along with him and humming his tune!

  8. Phototoxic36 says:

    I can relate to being a kid at that age too.. nothing to be ashamed off… wonderful boy.!

  9. jocelynschroeder says:

    he is such a cutie…congratulations this is truly a big enigma from GOD

  10. jocelynschroeder says:

    For my kid sometimes he does not know when he is tired but once I put him to bed , he says he does not want but after a while he knows that is what he wants to do ..I play puppets and he goes to bed…but I put him to sleep at the same time every night just for that matter for the rest he can do all he wants…and my youngest the same but the youngest that is 18 months has no problems that one NEEDS to go to sleep always at the same time

  11. lordalfredhenry says:

    Yah! This was me too at that age! I was doing the exact same stim! String things and all!

  12. mobius131186 says:

    Haha, reminds me of when I was near his age…I use to embarrass my mum in the supermarket pretending that I was a soldier and that other shoppers were my enemies. I used to pretend I had a gun and used to make all the noises too. They must have thought I was nuts…

  13. ForeverIsland8078 says:

    Continue to let him be himself. Don’t mess up a good thing – He plays very happily! Look at that excitement!

  14. mammapingu says:

    tiredness is not his strong point. he can be on the go from morning til night. Then he has problems getting off to sleep when we finially get him into bed, usually once he is asleep he stays like that, unless he is sleepwalking, then his sleep is pretty disturbed.

  15. Stimpy9337 says:

    does he ever get tired or does he sleep?

  16. mammapingu says:

    its a shame some people treat aspergers in that way stimpy. we just let kieran be himself, he does annoy his brother and sister with his hyperactivity and noises, but in there own way they know that he needs to get it out of his system. I hope your family are more accepting of you now they know the reason for your behaviour. take care

  17. Stimpy9337 says:

    I was like that when I was his age and I too have Asperger’s Syndrome and my mom, dad, brothers told me to shut up and my sister called me a weirdo I only found out that I had Asperger’s Syndrome recently, I’m 13.

  18. mammapingu says:

    he is 7

  19. Stimpy9337 says:

    How old is this kid?

  20. bopn says:

    Kieran reminds me of how I played as a kid.

  21. JudsonP says:

    This boy has a severe case of Asperger’s Syndrome. I think that he needs to be put on a strict cassein-free, glutein-free diet. He is very hyperactive.

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