Tһеrе аrе many misconceptions аbουt Asperger Syndrome. Tһіѕ video presents tһе mοѕt common. Tһіѕ іѕ video #5 іח mу Autism Awareness Month series.

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12 Responses to “Myths About Asperger’s Syndrome”
  1. laila123455 says:

    I don’t have imagination. :(

  2. DINWUD says:

    lovely video.

  3. AnotherRandomViewer says:

    Nice vid. Thanks ;) Greets from the NL

  4. FTWinnable says:

    Good. But I think you missed “having emotions or feelings.” I mean you got “expressing feelings” but not “having emotions or feelings.”

  5. milascave says:

    I think this video rocks. Yes, I to have discaulculas, andwas a punk not a nerd as a teen.
    Although when you think about it, they are both social misfit subcultures.
    And why is sitting and watching TV considered normal, but sitting and making up stories isn’t?
    Mine are better, and have no comercials.
    I think you will find a lot of aspies at any science fiction convention, among both the writers and the fans (and they don’t all know hard science or math, either.)

  6. mythme says:

    No we’re not all geeks (but there sure are a lot of us!) And we have feelings, yes, but most of us lack empathy. I, in fact, scored a 4 in this department (the “norm” is around 26 on the scale). And unfortunatly, for a lot of us, passing as “normal” is a learned behaviour, and. not something that is natural or comes easily.

  7. Lizbethbike says:

    Lovely music. What is it? Anyone know? Nice video too ;) I was just diagnosed AS today in the Cambridge Autstic Research Centre. I had 2 long appointments at different on different dates. They were very thorough. They were great. I feel great!

  8. PinkPunkyKat says:

    I have AS and I have dyscalcula (a math disability). I was a punk as a teen, not a nerd.

  9. TazCO1 says:

    i’m no math genius i still can’t count well without a calculater (i’m in my 20′s) and the imagination thing is extremely high i don’t really need to watch tv when i can create movies and whatever i want with it (note-my humour is extremely bizarre but i wont have it any other way it keeps me sane) just accept who you are and let no one make you think different

  10. e102ewan says:

    1:08 . Of course we have imagination, otherwise there would be no pokemons now would there!?!

  11. e102ewan says:

    this video is completely true except some of the things u said seem a bit irrelevant

  12. lexxintegra says:

    Laura =oD

    Another Super-Duper production!
    It’s so important for the stereotypes / myths to be dis-proven.. I am 1 who is certainly not able to claim high understanding of the maths. I’ve always struggled with them! and ‘good old fashioned’ reading as well. Once I learned of the Irlen Method for my scotopic sensitivity; my reading did improve a bit. …Bright Blessings!

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