Nathan ουr son іѕ 4 years οƖԁ, іח a few months time һе wіƖƖ bе 5 years οƖԁ. Nathan һаѕ suffered wіtһ autism ѕіחсе һе wаѕ born, іח mу opinion anyway. Wе һаνе provided Nathan wіtһ a lot οf therapy tο һеƖр іח progress (recovery рƖаח), frοm autism ѕο tһаt һе саח һаνе a better chance οf leading a normal life. Wе аѕ һіѕ parents һаνе worked hard аחԁ һаνе һаԁ tο mаkе a lot οf sacrifices fοr ουr young boy. Now wіtһ аƖƖ tһе therapy аחԁ bio-medical intervention Nathan һаѕ һаԁ, tһеrе іѕ one therapy tһаt іѕ priceless. Watch tһе vidoe аחԁ уου wіƖƖ see Nathan’s very special friend, wһο һаѕ һаԁ such a bіɡ impact οח Nathan аחԁ һаѕ bееח such a blessing tο tһе whole family.

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25 Responses to “Nathan who has autism has one very special friend.”
  1. tinahugzz says:

    What a wonderful video! All of you are truly blessed to have each other.

  2. MyCrazyLife89 says:

    Your son is absolutely beautiful :)
    ( Your daughter also)
    I wish you and your family a great life with nathan :)
    Greets from Germany

  3. happymark1805 says:

    Nice video

  4. birds16ful says:

    I have Cerebral Palsy & I am 16 years old. I have 22 friends who loves my 18 years old Kasey, Matt, Syd & Xavier, 17 years old Sarah, 16 years old Val, 14 years old TyAyre at school & 15 years old Faith & Moira, 14 years old Mallory, Annemarie, Josee, Kristy, Mychel& Molly, 13 years old Colleen, Becca, Callie& Natalie & 12 years old Kristen.9 cousins who love me 24 years old Sarah, 22 years old Bryan, 18 years twins, 9 years old Josh, 8 years old Ryan, 7 years old Keegan & 2 years old Emma.

  5. luvtocheer98 says:

    Everyone has such a blessing and there is going to be an outcome of you having autism. You will go a far way in life. Sofia, you go girl!

  6. purplelover688 says:

    Nathan you are so lucky to have someone there for you and to help get throgh the day. my two little cousins have autism and it is so hard for them they are only 7 and 4 and they don’t have any friends.

  7. J4short420 says:

    i have poor attention span i am 12 years old wit attenion defisit desorder and adhd

  8. J4short420 says:

    i know i was saying that these kids are angles to there parents

  9. barker262 says:

    I know you meant this to be for janeleone. How can people blame the parents for a neurological disorder? It is devastating enough to have your child diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. You worry about their future constantly, without having to punish yourself for preventing them contracting actual diseases like measles and polio. This vaccination ‘theory’ has been debunked.
    My little boy is like an angel to us. He makes us recognise the simple things in life are beautiful.

  10. barker262 says:

    My gorgeous little three year old boy is pending a diagnosis from Disability services. He has significant speech delay, poor eye contact, obsession with figurines, poor attention span (except for his figurines and t.v.). He finds it hard to follow instructions or understand to wait. But, he is a happy, joyous child. His best friend is his older sister (7 yrs). He loves her. He is at speech, and we are using pecs and Makaton. A beutiful video that made me cry. Appropiate music.

  11. J4short420 says:

    my comment is intended for janelenoe

  12. J4short420 says:

    screw u these kids are are like animals to u there like angels from god to there parentes

  13. Danacrumb says:

    what a precious boy!our Son silas is 3 and in the process of being diagnosed, all they have said is he has developmental delays,gross motor delays speech.language disorder and sensory processing disorder, we go back in june and i am collecting videos to show his docs who he is..:)Thanks so much for posting!

  14. milcraig says:

    Hi. Thanks for the lovely comment. The song is ‘Raise me up’ by Westlife.

    Regards Michael. (Dad)

  15. unkownsolider says:

    man they r so cute and beautiful.. sorry but can i have name of that song please??

  16. AcceptanceNpeace says:

    How amazing, the sibling bond is just so remarkable. Nathan, you are lucky to have a kind sister. God bless & I will be praying.

  17. superroofer1028 says:

    This is so beautiful :)

  18. JTSeadoo says:

    So incredible! Congrats to your for all of your hard work. I teach third grade and currently have two students with autism and I learn from them everyday. I truly am facinated with the way they see the world!

  19. janeleone says:

    Do your research before you vaccinate.
    Be an informed consumer.

  20. cantstoptubing says:

    your video truly brought tears to my eyes. for your daughter to know from this young from you what an integral part of her family she is is vital. she will love this video, i am sure, as she grows. she and nathan are blessed to have such parents that watch out for both of them and are aware of both their struggles and their sacrifices.

  21. christmas3399 says:

    Thank you so much for this video. My son Austin has just been diagonised with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Austism. Austin is truely a blessing from God. Thank you for giving me hope that he will learn to ride a bike,. thank you , thank you.

  22. Warlock734 says:

    that is one of the most adorible dogs ever O.o

    yea an teh kids pretty cute for a kid But the Dog :O so adorible nice vid lol

  23. christschool says:

    Michael, you wrote on one of my videos that you were autistic. I was wondering, what are you doing to recover yourself?

  24. Panditha666 says:

    you have beautiful kids, and your kids are VERY lucky to have parents like you :) its rare and hard i know im a nanny for a family with two autistic children, and one non autistic, shes much younger (the two who are autistic are 3 and 5 so a total of 8 years apart, as she is one) but wow how much they adore her :)

  25. milcraig says:

    To happyautie, thank you for your encouraging comment and God bless you to. Regards Michael, Nathan’s Dad.

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