“ass burger, a burger fοr уουr ass”.

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25 Responses to “NBC “Community” – Asperger’s”
  1. CheifTucker says:

    I am an Aspy, and I am also going to community college. Think Abed except not half as hyper focused on pop culture and more socially acceptable. As for the joke its friggin hilarious, because its spot on!

  2. imanerd36 says:

    I have Asperger’s and I find this(and the whole “assburger’s” joke thing funny.) People with Asperger’s tend very smart, and often live very successful lives, we just have some quarks about us. If you can’t luagh at yourself…
    P.S.: Remember it’s ASP, not ASS, when you pronounce it though.

  3. steveguy13 says:

    chevy chassssssssssse

  4. dalektaliban says:

    i was making a joke lol, “erect”

  5. StripeMeGreen says:

    People with Aspergers aren’t retarded, they’re not emotionless. They can laugh. They just don’t understand most emotions and misread them. I know a girl with a severe case of Aspergers and she laughs more than most people I know.

  6. catsgame says:


    you don’t get the joke

  7. catsgame says:


    don’t be a retard

  8. dalektaliban says:

    its this kind of intolerance and immituiry which erects barriers in our society.

  9. ronzthefonz1973 says:

    Dumb and insulting video. These people obviously dont have a clue…

  10. toyy7675 says:

    Same here i got a official Asperger’s diagnose, and yeah we are not vegetables.

    I am not that smart as my interest is playing games all day long.
    At the moment Wc3 Frozen Throne and Guild Wars.

    Besides that i like to be nice so some say i am to nice but who would not buy a tv to there mother?

    We all know we can’t live with out a tv right?

  11. mypalsatan says:

    haha i like how everyone considers it a disorder even though people with aspergers have a significantly higher average IQ than people without it. Abeds the best

  12. Patrice26 says:


    Who are you??? A fucking psychiatrist?? Anybody can learn what “lol” is. My daughter has autism and she also has a sense of humor too.

  13. scrotrun says:

    I have an official Asperger’s diagnosis, and I get plenty of “socio-psychological meanings.” I just have trouble showing it. People with with Asperger’s are not all the same, and we are FAR from being vegetables.

    I love the Abed character. I think it’s great to have a loveable Arab-American character (the actor’s not Arab, but the character is), and I hope the hope the show pursues the Asperger’s angle, too.

  14. relentlessneurotoxin says:

    the socio-psycological meaning of “lol”?

  15. toyy7675 says:

    NemesisOfAges it is not up to you to decide who have and don’t have aspergers syndrome.

    Even if you got aspergers your self , you can’t decide who got it or not.

    If you got aspergers then don’t judge people by way your asperger is to you as it is different from person to person.

  16. Thir3dRail says:

    that means u have.. lolz :P

  17. Chenions says:

    @ original orphan
    heehee! Ur funny

  18. 4mAALIKcHIN4 says:

    I always thought it was Ass-burgers too!


    Oww it hurts so good

  19. loqutor says:

    I have Asperger’s (no, I did not arrive at that conclusion by taking an internet test, I was diagnosed by a professional), and I think this is hilarious. Abed’s definitely got it, too.

  20. jmpms says:

    My oldest boy has Asperger’s and found this quite funny, as did I. And watching the show progress, that character clearly portrays many Asperger’s characteristics.

  21. KiloMonstuh says:

    I saw a commercial about Asperger’s disease, and I literally almost pissed myself laughing. I was like “WAIT WAIT. DID SHE SAY ASS BURGER?” Man, I wish I had TiVo

  22. NemesisOfAges says:

    you clearly dont have aspergers syndrome people with it wouldnt use lolz…do you get the socio-psycological meaning of “lol” and what it implies? if you do, then you dont have aspergers.

    this IS funny…but dont make claims like this that are obviously false.

  23. iskilld says:


    it doesn’t get better xD

  24. aaachannel says:

    burgers for your ass.

  25. OriginalOrphan says:

    assburgers the most delicious disorder.

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