Autism іѕ a complex, heterogeneous disorder characterized bу three core symptoms domains: social deficits,language delay, аחԁ repetitive behaviors. Tһіѕ presentation discusses tһе underlying neurobiology аחԁ brain circuitry οf tһе repetitive behavior аחԁ social deficits domains. Dr. Hollander wіƖƖ discuss חеw treatment developments fοr repetitive behaviors, social deficits, neurocognition аחԁ disruptive behaviors. Series: MIND Institute Lecture Series οח Neurodevelopmental Disorders [4/2009] [Health аחԁ Medicine] [Professional Medical Education] [Sһοw ID: 16229]

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22 Responses to “New Developments in Autism Spectrum Disorders”
  1. gamiezion says:

    do some proper research for youreself, interviewing actuall psychologists and then come back to me k?
    ill send you a link of a news paper artical in a pm, theres more if you look for it

  2. cstadulis says:

    gamiezion: So you know for a fact that the “only credible research done into vaccins causing autism it was falsified by the doctors who did, to show vaccins did”. Where can I find this source to back it up?
    In a recent court case, a judge said vaccines do not cause Autism, but they don’t know exactly what causes it. If they can’t tell us exactly what causes Autisim then they can’t rule out that Autisim may be caused by vaccines, the number of shots given together, too close or the mercury

  3. gamiezion says:

    because i happen to know that the only credible research done into vaccins causing autism it was falsified by the doctors who did, to show vaccins did

    this was admitted by them as well btw

  4. cstadulis says:

    Gamiezion, How do you know Autism is from genetics? Because some psycholigists BELIEVE Autism is a genetic disorder…..?? So that means it must be true because they said it, hahaha.

    Let me as ask you, how are you so sure vaccines do not cause Autism??

  5. UniqueMJPT says:

    Please check out a great Children’s book about Autism, PDD and ADHD called ‘Why Is He Different?’ (Please spread the word about this unique book, tell your friends and tell me what you think about it. Big thanks!!). You can preview it on youtube profile called Monalisaknew. Just copy and paste the following sentence in youtube search window: ‘Why Is He Different? (Autism Book)’
    You can also buy this book on AthsePublishing(dot)com. Thank You !!

  6. exjockwife says:

    Thanks for the information.

  7. gamiezion says:

    my mind is open actually, i just know my autism wasnt caused by vaccins, because i know vaccins cant create autism
    and again i ask you, how are you so sure it was caused by vaccins?
    you see the consuses amongst psychologists (reall ones that is) is that autism is genetic

  8. gamiezion says:

    this discussion is indeed over, you have shown to be utterly unable to understand any sort of arguement, go and live in your idiocy, stop bothering the rest of the world though

  9. BrianPtotheC says:

    And that doesn’t mean your autism was caused by a vaccine… see, I have an open mind… all I ask is that you have 1 too. It’s been fun chatting. :)

  10. BrianPtotheC says:

    You haven’t met them because the debate is over and it is totally 100% safe. I have different friends and family with different experiences than you.. doesn’t make me less right. Medicine, as in all businesses is exactly that. Most people in all businesses are generally good, hard working people… But do you see corruption in the financial sectors? What about Big Oil? Education? Medicine and BIG Pharma, Healthcare, etc are the same.. Cigarettes were safe at one time too.

  11. gamiezion says:

    im autistic, are you?
    if the answers no, i probably have more right to speak then you
    if the answers yes … damn you got screwed :)

  12. BrianPtotheC says:

    Wasting time? It’s a very big debate and it will continue to be… but with billions of dollars backing big pharma, guess I’ll go put my head in the sand? I wish I knew the experts you speak of.. do they also walk on water? Why would medical doctors and other professionals have contrary beliefs to your apecialists? Maybe they all have oppositional disorders? What about the thousands of parents that claim their tots immediately showed symptoms at 18mo (Their 3rd round of shots)?

  13. gamiezion says:

    and where are these specialists? because ive never met them …
    ohyeah and the specialists i (and those around me like family and friends) trust all say vaccins arent harmfull
    keep in mind that vaccins have to go through a rigouress, independant committee before being accepted as medical resource and even when it is; its still going to be tested on relativly small population groups to further asses the effects of the vaccin (or whatever other drug you care to mention)

  14. gamiezion says:

    go see a specialist yourself before making wild assumptions, youll see that im right and your wrong
    why am i making a point of this? because you can stop wasting other ppls time …

  15. BrianPtotheC says:

    Before the 1970′s, autism was quite rare. Although the criteria and screening for such disorders has changed, which arguably caused more cases being “diagnosed” . . We went from cases reported from 1 in 5,000 or so, to 1 in 100 — The vaccines and their preservative, thimerisol, has increased dramatically since that time in that same time-frame. I have serious doubts that it is safe and it is also highly suspect. I feel strongly about it, so I can’t help encourage others to look into this.

  16. BrianPtotheC says:

    Many “specialists” and experts will also tell you the contrary. All I can suggest is to keep studying the subject on your own because there are many experts that well also tell you the contrary.. What benefit does a child have in taking thimerisol? ..and don’t believe it has been taken out, ask for the insert which includes the ingredients.

  17. gamiezion says:

    i have gone to various specialists, all of them can give actuall evidence saying vaccins do NOT cause autism

  18. BrianPtotheC says:

    Not True. They only made thimerosaI free availble, most vaccines still contain it. Ask for the insert on any Flu or childhood vaccine… they still contain thimeresol. Last Oct my mother had to demand they give her the thimerosal free vaccine. Before they finally conceded and gave it to her, they tried to tell her they only have a limited amount of those shots and save them for pregnant women. .. Don’t trust what you hear.. go to the DR or a “clinic” and see for yourself.. Please?

  19. whenhen says:

    Most mercury has been taken out of vaccines. There is no scientific evidence aside from highly unreliable anecdotal accounts that vaccines cause autism

  20. BrianPtotheC says:

    It’s not a “cure all”, but let’s get down to some basics: We know that mercury is highly toxic and responsible for neurological disorders. Look at studies of fishing towns and mercury poisoning, or populations that consume large amounts of mercury laden fish. Take the *%&^ing mercury out of the vaccines, already!! What is so hard to understand? Parents.. Demand that your babies and yourselves get thimerosal free vaccines. Mercury can leach through the blood/ brain barrier and destroy it.

  21. ltjgbadass says:

    Thank You also!

  22. Plutonwolf says:

    Thank you for putting this up.

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