Tutorial www.makhonkit.com Entire Collection http Tһе Message below іѕ fοr a Gοοԁ Cause: Autism іѕ חοt a disease; people wіtһ autism аrе חοt looking fοr a cure bυt fοr ACCEPTANCE. Dеаr people wіtһ Autism, wе Ɩονе уου, уου′ll never gonna bе alone. =) Extracted frοm Sarah Hazlett’s Facebook

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25 Responses to “Nickelback – Never Gonna Be Alone Piano by Ray Mak”
  1. mykkhaellahklair says:

    WOW!! can you make a tutorial..?? you’re amazing!! :D

  2. greenpinkorange3 says:

    This is ah-mazing:D

  3. ryanarruda says:


  4. xAssassin4Lifex13 says:

    wow what a piece of music on the piano x

  5. LauriiZa1206 says:

    Can you do a tutorial?

  6. mrsecretagentalex says:

    my prom was yesterday, and me and the girl I like danced to this song and it was perfect. I want to stay in that moment forever :)

  7. sadler57 says:

    Awesome job

  8. gkflfkgl says:

    That´s the like botten, better the love botton

  9. hannahnathan33 says:

    This is the best I have ever heard!! I would love to make a request.. will you please do a cover of far away by nickelback. my fiance and I live 7 hours apart and he is a fireman, so this song means a lot to me. Thank you!!!

  10. hannahnathan33 says:

    I love this song!!! And you are by far the best I have

  11. Alwaysrememberable says:

    @makhonkit Did you teach yourself to play the piano?

  12. yeahburtoniscool says:

    this is my fav song right now and this is just amazing… I almost cried when I saw this video

  13. MrIrishland says:

    awsome job they should hire u lol

  14. haleighleeann says:

    @Zeldag2016 it takes two or three years to learn on the piano u might notever get upp there some people cant u never know!

  15. haleighleeann says:

    i need to call a record poudcer and get u track

  16. xxhumanoidgirlxx says:

    when I started listening to this I got a message from my ex saying he loves me so much… and now I’m crying so hard… this is beautiful! it touches my heart…

  17. geovedi69 says:

    great cover.. Geovedi

  18. Iracoonzz says:

    @kevzcool1 I love this comment cause my little brother is autistic… and people see them as different people in this world… But there not. they are the best people ever enter in my life. mynes 12 i think… and he is the best.. he is fully autisic. but coolest person in my life is my lil bro

  19. Diddi1987 says:

    You are so good … the best version on piano i’ve ever heard. I’m speechless :-)

  20. sweetpee1231 says:

    Very beautiful cover

  21. TheHilBil says:

    this is beautiful…. it almost makes me cry! =’)

    hugz from the netherlands!

  22. mangofreak4 says:

    sry i posted twice… didnt mean to:)

  23. mangofreak4 says:

    Omg u r absolutely amazing. I am at school right now, but u inspired me:) Now im gonna go home and play. I love ur music. U r great! Can i have a hug please?

  24. mangofreak4 says:

    Omg u r absolutely amazing. I am at school right now, but u inspired me:) Now im gonna go home and play. I love ur music. U r great! Can i have a hug please?

  25. kevzcool1 says:

    @mrsjaspercullen1998 Well that’s just the beauty of Autism People who have it are Most likely very nice and acceptable only the problem is that other peole wont accept these People. That makes them Shy and causes Trouble for these people. Just like ray said : People with autism are searchjing for acceptance not for a Cure.

    You know how i know this? Well i actually have it too =)

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