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25 Responses to ““No Myths” Public Service Announcement”
  1. headfirst4halos00 says:

    Watching this video gives me hope and inspiration. I can relate to it, especially the door. I sometimes feel that my “door” is shut, and I can have a difficult time opening it. With so many people who are willing to help me open this door I feel like I can make a difference. It’s overwhelming and frustrating for me, and I’m sure for most of us to communicate and see the world as others want us to see it. May research for Autism continue and expand.

  2. 11pouncey11 says:

    supporitng sister sorry my computer acts retarted sometimes i posted it before i was done.

  3. 11pouncey11 says:

    i wish you and your brother the best luck im an autistic person myself and yes there is hope. Im sick of everyone assuming that autism is the worst thing ever dont let those people push you down. and you seem like a sweet supporti

  4. 11pouncey11 says:

    YAY!!! i feel so much better now!!

  5. sbr1970 says:

    Interesting. Played it to my 8 year old lad (autism & dysprax)…he had a big smile on his face. I had to play it after the negative comments at the part as that part would have upset him). Very good video, well done.

  6. DalekHunter1994 says:

    This video is deep.

  7. CaramellDansenNut says:

    This video gives me great hope. My half brother has severe Autism, he is only three but I still worry for how he will be able to live and support himself in his latter years. But when I saw this, I realized there is hope. Thank you, so much, for helping me see that there is a chance he will get top live a true, full life.

    Rachel, age 15, Illinois. A loving Sister.

  8. gahana108 says:

    Well, I for ONE, LOVE this video. Thank you to all your amazing auties/aspies. It’s time to SHIFT the Paradigm on Autism. Oh, it’s already happening. Blessings.

  9. AnElephantThatPaints says:

    Donna doesn’t deserve a -6 rating. She is absolutely right. Health is important for everyone.

  10. sugaree70 says:

    Many people the same age as Ari Ne’eman do not yet support themselves–they are college students. Isn’t Ari still enrolled at the University of Maryland?

  11. DrWillmitch says:

    What a great video clip. Thank you to the wonderful people who created this!

    Dr. Willmitch

  12. Raelara1 says:

    I am autistic. If I don’t have a job it is because people are so intolerant of my limitations that they make it impossible for me to work. But I have a wonderful life. I have a college degree, husband, I have two children, I am perfectly happy the way I am. I don’t WANT a cure for autism. I want a cure for the ignorance and intolerance that cause problems for me in social situations and in the workplace. There is NOTHING wrong with me. I am different, I am autistic. DEAL WITH IT.

  13. NZ1J says:

    Ari Neeman does not support himself. He is not a college graduate. As far as I know, he has never worked. He is not creating opportunities for you to support yourself. He is attempting to halt the good work of others. He, and others such as Michelle Dawson and Michael Carley, claim to be the voice of auties who cannot speak. None of them are remotely qualified. Their autism, which is a disability, causes them to have these crazy thoughts. What opportunity do you need to support yourself?

  14. kmgcatcousin says:

    Those people who claim that we Auties are superior are ignorant, and thankfully, few and few inbetween. Very few of us are actually like that.

    Don’t judge a group of people by what a few say or do. We ask for the opportunity to support OURSELVES. Is that so wrong?

  15. NZ1J says:

    And if the Auties say, “We’re superior beings who have evolved beyond you neurotypicals. You are not to look for a cure for anyone. You also must spend about a million dollars on each of us over our lifetimes because we cannot support ourselves.” That is so wrong. That is so very wrong. No one has the right to deny a cure to someone else. No one has a right to refuse a cure and instead cost society a million dollars. The only people who don’t understand it are the auties.

  16. kmgcatcousin says:

    It should not be suggested that Auties know everything. Rather, they should have a say in what affects them. Is that so wrong?

  17. NZ1J says:

    Ask the people depicted in the video if they support themselves. Then, ask them if they’ve ever been on a date. If you’re looking for answers about autism, these are not the people to ask. Instead, check with the educated and licensed professionals who’ve spent years studying autism. The idea that the professionals are wrong and the self advocates have the answers is nonsense.

  18. shippox3 says:

    thats deep from the heart peace

  19. onigamegeek says:

    Technically Autism is another form of high intelligence. My brother, though simple skills are difficult for him. When you give him something complex to do, he can do it with ease, and get it right the first time.

  20. abcstan says:

    Great video dont wait for the experts to find an answer, they dont understand the problem start looking for Answers today. Leonardo Da Vinci said seek and you will find.

  21. misscalais says:

    Great PSA – about time really , only missing the ones like my boy who cant sit or stand still for a second and likes to be naked most of the time but I bet we can all understand how that couldnt be in a PSA LOL

  22. scr33tch says:

    great video. I’m autistic, i can do anything that i’m interested in, i just have no interest in socialising!

  23. modernmariorc says:

    The point is to accept and encourage people with autism to lead productive and meaningful lives and be a part of society to the fullest extent.

  24. wiscsuzski says:

    “Ari is generalizing about Autism saying “all people with Autism are like me”"
    I didn’t get that out of this psa. I saw male and female, young and older, verbal, and non-verbal. I think the point made with the variety of autistic people chosen is clear. This is a spectrum, and the people who are in it should be involved (to whatever extent possible) in organizations that claim to be about Autism.

  25. 1210donna says:

    Because I’m fodder for cyber bullies ;-) I’m told they give me much free advertising. They certainly stalk me throughout the net. I can’t fart on here without them seizing on it. Oh well.

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