A 10 minute primer οח OCD, Self-Injury, Aspergers аחԁ Depression: аƖƖ things I һаνе bееח diagnosed wіtһ. Take a look аחԁ please comment. THANKS! (more)

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21 Responses to “OCD, Aspergers, Self-Injury and Depression”
  1. MrMoterKid says:

    Great video :) , im sorry to hear about your school life, luckily i dont have those problems because i was diagnosed early at the age of 3

  2. SilverPoppy says:

    OCD is a bloody brain disorder, it’s nothing to do with life experiences. life experiences can trigger it but not create it.

  3. thebenchwarmer says:

    i have depression and highly suspect that i have atypical autism that’s close to asperger’s.., but i’m gonna get tested which was solely my idea unfortunately/fortunately.. I’m glad that you understand what you’re going through as an aspie ^^ I hope all is well for you now!

  4. AreWildZ28 says:

    I was not calling anybody anything…….I was being KIND!

  5. SilverPoppy says:

    oh because you work with spazzes you know? well i am a spazz and not using un-pc words does nothing. i’ve been treated worse without the use of language, words like spazz and retard do’t hurt me because i call myself that all the time, i am a retard, i developed late in some regards, i am a spazz and a dork, what really hurts me is how i react to people’s reactions, and their words can’t hide how they feel about me, you can’t censor people, that doesn’t take away the hurt of you being a spazz.

  6. baha1844 says:

    Dear installmenow:

    Thanks a million for your most gracious comments. They made my weekend!

  7. installmenow says:

    Great video…truly a overcomer and talented. If I share a quote by aspie who works in mental health.(not me).”It is not our abilities that define us, it is our choices. It is not what one is born that truly matters, it is what one grows to become.” You are a change maker and please continue to make videos that help others see they are incredibley valued and loved.

  8. JMichaelFoster says:

    I have OCD but I don’t feel guilty about anything, my earliest memory of this was when I was around 5 when there was pesonal problems going off between my Mum and Dad, so I’m not sure, you have an interesting opinion though

  9. CityHunter84 says:

    guilt is OCD, ocd is not choosing to deal with the problem in turn making guilt, guilt is OCD. guilt is a lingering repression, self conflict.

  10. JMichaelFoster says:

    That really isn’t true, OCD can be formed from all kids of things such as childhood abuse, bullying or other negatives that people go through, althought I do agree that it is from supression of a certain situation etc.
    Just pinning it on guilt is very naive, it’s like saying anyone who has been bullied in school will turn out to be bad people as a result of it.

  11. baha1844 says:

    Dear Peacefulgem:

    I live in a very rural, cow infested area so finding the right people for an accurate diagnosis was hard, but I was directed to a psychiatrist/neurologist who specializes in aspergers. They confirmed what my therapist had been saying all along. Since then I’ve had a confirmatin from another neurologist Ph.D. My OCD was easier to diagnose(the same for depression). And the self-injury was…well… pretty self-evident and diagnosable. THANKS for writing/viewing

  12. peacefulgem says:

    Do you mind if I ask how you were diagnosed?

  13. Hjernespreng says:


  14. SilverPoppy says:

    i’m fine with retard. i am one :P

  15. baha1844 says:

    I’ll take that as a compliment, I guess. Thanks for your comment!

  16. aprilshowers495 says:

    lol this video kind of made me horny 5

  17. dog5543 says:

    great video!

  18. CityHunter84 says:

    ocd = guilt un expressed

  19. Hjernespreng says:

    But you shouldn’t describe it in a way that makes it seem like a mental illness.

  20. Hjernespreng says:

    Why not use the words “odd” and “weird”?
    I have Aspergers and as long as I’m not described as retard or EMO I’m totally fine with being called odd. :)

  21. AreWildZ28 says:

    I know about these issues…..I work with children that have Autism…..Many people do not know the facts…..

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