Oυr bеаυtіfυƖ sons regression аחԁ recovery

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25 Responses to “Our Autism Journey…So Far”
  1. 1970nicolas31 says:

    Wonderful !

  2. notalkame says:

    so awesome!! Im so happy for you and your family!!! This gives us hope for our little guy who is showing signs of autism, though not actually diagnosed YET. He’s been on the gf/cf for over a month now, and has ALOT more eye contact.

  3. aspie101 says:

    Some alternatives may help in some issues. However, mercury poisoning does not share the symptoms associated with autism. The GFCF diet may help in bawl problems but not much more.

  4. 0rip0 says:

    Wow, this is amazing! Why is this not on every TV and radio station in the country? In the world?? There are parents of autistic children who will never know this!

  5. biomedmom says:

    Thank you, we have been very blessed. We are aware of the mercury and pinks disease connection and have been chelating to remove the mercury for the last year. He still continues to improve little by little.

  6. filipalpg says:

    There’s a study going on that links a certein substance on some vaccins to a disease that was called pink disease. Autism IS genetic and not entirely curable, Pink disease happens mostly in polluted environments, where the levels of mercury in the air combined with the substances on vaccines might trigger the disease in some children. Your son probably had pink disease wich is often confused with autism cause the symptoms are very similar.

    I’m glad he’s ok now :)

  7. StoneCircleGirl says:

    Thank you for sharing this info.More Families need to know this can happen

  8. nita0216 says:

    Is there any safe wheat products use? Sometimes products will say gluten free but a chef told me that the wheat may have gluten in it even if the ingredients don’t say

  9. lauriedg says:

    Hi Rachel-
    There have been many Autistic children under Upper Cervical Care that have seen a dramatic improvement. We saw Porter blossom while under Upper Cervical care. I am sorry to see that you don’t even mention it as one of your other interventions! We would really LOVE to see an update video of Porter! Blessings to you and your family!

  10. MrsYobiePants says:

    May I ask how old your son was when he started the gluten free casein free diet? What sort of treatments do DAN doctors offer? I live in Australia and am trying to find a corresponding professional. Sorry for all the questions.

  11. MzMunkey says:

    WOW. This video is like a kick in my guts. My daughter is 3 and on the gluten free diet. We removed casein to no effect so gave it back. SO MUCH PROGRESS since removing gluten. I have a perscription for Diflucan and just chicken out.. THANK YOU for posting this!

  12. fapprez says:

    WOW!!!!!!! I hope that the vaccine injury people have a nice settlement for your son. I’m so happy that you looked for answers,and got your son help. God bless you and your family. I LOVE happy endings!! Amazing video..

  13. ateleri says:

    que suerte pudieron salva al niño

  14. MKFaizi says:

    Ninety thousand dollars would do me a world of good.

  15. MKFaizi says:

    I worked in the same small town for most of those years so I got to watch kids go from newborn until high school graduation. No autism. I am not ignorant. I have worked with many doctors over the years — one particularly was skittish about immunizations and Autism. However, even her kids finally received all the required immunizations. It is not that I do not believe that autism never occurs and that it sometimes occurs due to immunizations. I have no way of knowing.

  16. MKFaizi says:

    I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  17. biomedmom says:

    b12, chelation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, etc. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to Porters recovery, but the gfcf diet was the first, easiest and biggest breakthrough for us. God bless you with your daughter-I’m glad she is doing well.

  18. soccerress says:

    what other interventions did you do besides the diet? You are sooo blessed, he is adorable. my 5 year old daughter has autism and is doing well. This video is amazing, Good luck w everything!

  19. Ultimateendzzz says:

    Autism is definetly treatable. I dislike when I see people in denial of their own children. No service is ever a bad service. Get your autistic child services! GREAT VIDEO by the way.

  20. biomedmom says:

    They could try–but with a previous vaccine reaction on your side and a growing number of parents questioning vaccinations–you should be fine. You may want to check out the website 909shot for your legal rights. I have a three year old daughter as well and we stopped vaccinating her after we realized what was going on with our son.

  21. blakroze99 says:

    I have a three year old daughter who had a bad reaction to her 4 month vaccines. She is not autistic, but she did fall very ill. I made the decision to stop her vaccinations. Her family on her father’s side repeatedly threaten that they will report me to our local child protective services. Does anyone know if they can do that?

  22. markkremser says:

    You have a beautiful son. He reminds me of my boy, Connor, who you can learn more about by doing a search for “Connor Kremser” or “autism angel.” Its comforting to know that other parents are out there who love their special children as much as we do. Good luck.

  23. biomedmom says:

    you are absolutely right. Thank you for your comments.

  24. MLGLWatkins says:

    Thank you for your wonderful story. Biomedical treatments deserve more attention from mainstream medicine, too many children are suffering for no reason! Not to mention the numerous families that would try biomed if they could afford it. :(
    Also, though, biomed parents should not discount the benefits of private therapy. I see too many parents trying to help their children through *either* therapy or biomed, but using *both* is the most beneficial. Proven therapies (speech, OT, ABA) work too!

  25. KriyaArts says:

    I love what you write, but I will say this: vaccines are not needed, for the most part. They have not ever been substantially proven in independent studies to have eradicated or prevented the diseases they were made for. Polio was already disappearing, especially in Europe where they did not vaccinate as heavily as we did in the US. Smallpox and diptheria were also vanishing & most of the childhood diseases we immunize against are not lethal under sanitary conditions.

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