Oυr journy through autism. Ryan іѕ a һарру high functioning ƖіttƖе boy wһο һаѕ autism. Tһіѕ іѕ tһе trυе face οf autism. Hе саח communicate, һе ԁοеѕ ѕһοw ѕοmе emotion. BUT һе still һаѕ many issues tһаt effect һіѕ daily life.

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25 Responses to “Our Journey with autism”
  1. jellymornington says:

    Look at the regression – its the Vaccines !!! 15 months + and then at 4 y/o school vaccines. Look up the einstein sign language. You will have so much less problems with signing. Children get frustrated with not being able to communicate because autistic children are so so smart. I know this from working with autistic children. You are great parents – keep up the great work. xxx

  2. ediann says:

    Your son is precious and very special like you. I am the father of an autistic son and he is very special to us too! Thank you for sharing your beautiful video.

  3. breakable6969 says:

    This Video is really good :)

  4. TrueGroup says:

    He is so beautiful. I see him through your eyes.
    He’s an angel.
    From another Angel’s Mum.

  5. TrueGroup says:

    He is so beautiful. I see him through your eyes.
    He’s an angel.
    From another Angel’s Mum.

  6. TrueGroup says:

    He is so beautiful. I see him through your eyes.
    He’s an angel.
    From another Angel’s Mum.

  7. TrueGroup says:

    He is so beautiful. I see him through your eyes.
    He’s an angel.
    From another Angel’s Mum.

  8. gamiezion says:

    i know mercury isnt the cause, because theres only 1 paper suggesting the link and the scientist who wrote it is now being sued.

    youre right in saying there isnt a definet link to genetics either, but from what im told its the best bet, especially as parents with autism usually have autistic children, whereas its rarer amongst non autistic people.

    it is now on the rise because the diagnostics have changed and expanded, people who used to classed as retarded are now classed as autistic.

  9. sandrapurple says:

    @gamiezion im sorry but how could you say that mercury is a complete lie? there has been links to it.. and you cant say that it comes from genetics. i know that the doctor/scientiest do not know what is the cause of autism.. but i do think that thats its something that we are doing today more.. we all had genetics back then so why is autism rising today? it could be the mercury but we dont know yet.

  10. 78constanza says:

    All about autism here: watch?v=F5B596UxO2w

  11. gamiezion says:

    @Cosmos8373 um, im autistic and in my family (25 in all) i have the least amount of illnesses (headaches, colds, etc. included) nor is my gut leaky (anyone who has that wouldnt be able to live, for poisening themselves, where the fuck did you get this from?)
    furthermore, autism lies purely in the social sector, if what you claim was true, most autistics would be retarded, the opposite is true however: most autistics have above average to high IQs

  12. gamiezion says:

    @Cosmos8373 do you know even the first thing about autism?

    let answer that for you: if you would, you wouldnt suggest mcarthys book, shes an utter moron, without the first clue about autism

    the only way to help an autistic is by loving them and being there when they need you

    the mercury is also a complete lie, dont know where you got it from, but its definetly not from credible research

  13. fabulously09 says:

    my son is now 7 and the only issue with him is speech. he started talking when he was three in short sentencesand has eye contact. at 4 everything what he has learned was lost. he does not speak although he can sometimes convey what he wants through gestures. he goes to special school till this time. he is on a gf/cf diet and supplements. still, he goes to his speech therapist everyday and little by little, he is talking but not yet in long sentences. hes eye contact is back. Were happy!

  14. Cosmos8373 says:

    By the way… autistics children have usually a great amount of mercury in there system.The complete blood and urine test must be performed but the key is to go to an excellent DAN doctor autism
    Also Jenny Mc CArthy book “louder than words” is a great book to read I recommend.I pray for all families who has children with special needs everyday.

  15. Cosmos8373 says:

    Chelation treatment is the most effective way to remove the mercury in the system and many times autistic children respond very well and improve in language after treatment. Autistic children have poor immune system and a leaky gut so they can’t get ride of the toxines and metal like typical childrens do.If there is no intervention by chelation nor special diet the brain cells can be damaged.The immune system can’t remove the mercury so attacks the cells instead thus the behavior of autistics.

  16. Cosmos8373 says:

    My son is 2 years old and has PDD. He goes to therapies since he was 14 months old. I recently saw a famous DAN doctor who ask me to start aGF/CF diet for him which I start 1 month 1/2 ago with vitamines and B12 shots every 3 days.He has been improving a lot and his attention and eye contact is way much better. He has a high level of mercury and yeast in his system, we are going to treatment for his yeast and to chelation to remove the mercury.

  17. faith140 says:

    how sweet he is!!!

  18. UniqueMJPT says:

    Please check out a great Children’s book about Autism, PDD and ADHD called ‘Why Is He Different?’ (Please spread the word about this unique book, tell your friends and tell me what you think about it. Big thanks!!). You can preview it on youtube profile called Monalisaknew. Just copy and paste the following sentence in youtube search window: ‘Why Is He Different? (Autism Book)’
    You can also buy this book on AthsePublishing(dot)com. Thank You !!

  19. gamiezion says:

    autism is put down to genes, allthough the exact gene hasnt been determined yet

    what happens to the mom and foetus during pregnancy may have some incfluence as well, but for as far as i know theres no evidence for that

  20. ILuvIsaacLethbridge says:

    What causes autism?

  21. aspie101 says:

    Then you should start training him because he’s showing signs of maturing. As a child matures, autisitic symptoms decrease in severity.
    As I have said; bowl issues can be treated with the diet. Give an autistic child who doesn’t have bowl issues gluten and casein and they will have little, if any reaction.

  22. smithcd77 says:

    Umm…I don’t need a parenting class. I have 2 chilren, was a social worker for almost 4 yrs. and hold a Bachelor’s Degree. My point was that we weren’t even actively trying to train him. On day 2, he just spontaneously started going. I found puddles of pee next to all our toilets and he had NEVER done this before. MANY MANY parents report that removing gluten/casein resulted in them finally “feeling” their body. These foods are like ‘opiates” to kids. My nephew almost died & didn’t even feel it

  23. aspie101 says:

    Leaky gut is a bowl problem, that might be why the diet works on your son. Keep in mind that it is only natural for children to soil or wet themselves when they are toilet training. His happiness is not dependent on the diet. Autistic symptoms reduce as a child matures.

  24. aspie101 says:

    Many autistic children do not require the diet. “he began peeing all over himself with no control. Took gluten back out and he was peeing in the potty. Simple as that. ” That is not evidence that the diet worked. If you son is a toddler, it is normal for him to soil or wet himself while toilet training. Take a parenting class.

  25. smithcd77 says:

    Also, FYI…Gluten causes inflammation in the body. Many ASD kids have horrible digestive tracks. Gluten is like the worst thing a child with a leaky gut can consume. Causes sensory problems and the inability to properly feel your body, etc. My child’s tantrums reduced by 75% in 2 wks and the noises he used to make were reduced unimaginably. It sucks he has to be on this diet, but his happiness depends on it. He has had 2 major gluten infractions and his therapists couln’t even work with him.

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