Acceptance, understanding аחԁ support іѕ crucial tο improve tһе lives οf people wіtһ Autism / Asperger’s

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25 Responses to “Our Life With Autism / Asperger’s”
  1. Liquadia says:

    cant agree more i have to go see a psychologist as I fit into this catgeory being a ISTJ personality. I am very systematic in thinking and approach, robotic as my friends say, dont like to be around people and happy in my own company, and tones of other stuff Talented in many areas, dont understand basic questions if worded differently, hate Jokes, body language is hard to judge, hate conversation if its not my topic etc..

  2. FurriDragonz says:

    @sophiegromit u are sick, an du shouldn’t say stuff like that, idiot!

  3. Supersmooth007 says:

    Informative to see how a child describes his conditon. I have Aspergers. It is a hidden disability! I hav trouble keeping friends and developing relationships with others! I also find different social situations confusing. Perhaps the simplest way of understanding asperger’s is to think of it as describing someone to thinks & percieves about the world differently to others. Aspies are unique logical thinkers! We need structure, routine, regularity &

  4. mbntom says:

    Please ask for help with patience! My son is 15….we did not have early intervention….we rode it alone and that’s hard – especially the guilt. There is so much help out there. Please NEVER be afraid to say I cannot deal with this alone. God bless you!

  5. mbntom says:

    WOW! Your children are gorgeous (ps so is your puppy) I am a newly certified special ed teacher and can’t wait to work with Autistic children. Your boys are so lucky to have you and how great that they’ve inherited your aritistic beauty!

  6. Einalem1981 says:

    Your son’s artwork is excellent for his age! Your boys are very handsome and look like proper little characters. So refreshing to see another parent accept their child as they are rather than look for impossible cures. Keep up the good work!

  7. wendme says:

    i wonder what it is about children with autism and monsters ,,, my son also has autism and he draws mondters erc all day from the time he wakes untill he goes to sleep if we would let him,, he was just able to beable to draw and thats all he does,, he will be 7 in a week, you may check out the video of my son ,, hes amazing but he is also allllllooooooott of work and patience is so needed,, and i understand your boys and i do accept them just wished others would,,,

  8. bennyworld says:

    dude this song is awsome! and asbergers is cool

  9. gamiezion says:

    i thought you were done with me?
    why so touchy?

  10. sophiegromit says:

    ‘gamiezion’, get some help fast. You NEED it you simpleton!

  11. gamiezion says:

    i allready was before you began?
    your a sick person for spreading what you do about your brother

  12. sophiegromit says:

    ‘gamiezion’, i’m through with you. You’re wasting my time.

  13. gamiezion says:

    i allready have opend open and i allready am? nor am i selling myself short as you say
    seriously woman, you suck, badly

  14. sophiegromit says:

    Each ‘case’ of Asperger’s is different. Many assimilate near perfectly, and many don’t. Don’t ever ‘sell yourself short’ based on other real life stories you’ve read on the condition. Open your mind and be yourself.

  15. sophiegromit says:

    ‘gamiezion’, you want to be ‘treated normally’? Here you go. You are an IDIOT! Don’t fight what others are trying to say and express about Asperger’s! Join the conversation. Open your mind (if you can or are willing to). Accept other people’s stories and experiences. Sheesh!

  16. gamiezion says:

    yea right, go see a doctor, you seriously need too

  17. sophiegromit says:

    Well, he is NOT ‘normal’, in the classic sense as most of us define ourselves, insofar as being able to meld into modern society with all it’s demands and complexities. BECAUSE I love him, I want others to know the ramifications of Asperger’s people that never got the help they needed. Reality checks are often the catalyst that impel people to change or try and get their loved ones help.

  18. sophiegromit says:

    I disagree with you. My brother is anonymous here on the net, so I can talk about him safely, given the fact that Asperger’s has affected him negatively, and us as well. The stress and pain this condition has caused him and us is immense. Of course, many with Asperger’s do very well in life, but my brother has not. I pointed out some details about him to be realistic. If you lack social skills, you still have sexual needs and frustrations. Thus, his porn and escort addiction.

  19. gamiezion says:

    that thumbs down was mine …
    why? because i hate the way you talk about your brother and throw his personall life (if he was normal, would you still tell people he goes to hookers for example?) on the street
    i dont care if people may or may not you or your brother based on your nick, its rather that its not the way to treat a relative, let alone a sibling
    so as you may see, its got nothing to with reality
    i hope this child will get the hope and love he deserves as well though :)

  20. gamiezion says:

    all we have now is not having to go through the medicin, im not sure whats worse though, getting medicin or hearing about all the things you cant do … its really fucking depressing
    furthermore i dont think this society of ours is worth assimilating into too, what with all the single track nut cases running (in) it!

  21. sophiegromit says:

    WHY would someone give a ‘thumbs down’ (-1) to this comment? Perhaps they can’t deal with the REALITY expressed about this one individual who has late diagnosed Asperger’s?! I hate to say it, but your Asperger’s child may grow up to be just like my brother. But I hope not.

  22. sophiegromit says:

    I never said younger people with Asperger’s now have it easier. But certainly, more is known about the constellation of behavioral symptoms, and how to help these individuals lead normal, productive lives, and to assimilate into society thusly. They didn’t even HAVE a clue as to what my brother had back then, growing up in the 70′s and 80′s, so they just excessively drugged him up with HALDOL until he essentially turned into a depressed zombie! Thankfully, I told my parents to cease the drugs

  23. gamiezion says:

    what? and people with autism nowadays have it so much easier? with psychologists telling them what they cant do? with people telling them they should find cures or try another diet?
    im sorry for your brother, but its not like its any better now

  24. Qkey27 says:

    I Can Relate I have Aspeger’s the song is appropriate!

  25. cannonballsax says:

    I honestly loved the film and the song. It definitely associates with me, because I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I was diagnosed at the University of Michigan when I was 7 years and 6 months of age. The man who diagnosed me advised my parents against home-schooling me.
    Yup, life with that particular condition may be hard, but I feel like I have made large improvements.

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