autism concerns continue tο grow, studies ѕһοw tһаt older parents аrе more ƖіkеƖу tο һаνе autistic children. Aѕ Dr. Jon LaPook reports, tһіѕ mау bе аח іmрοrtаחt clue іח finding tһе cause οf autism.

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3 Responses to “Parent’s Age: Factor in Autism?”
  1. ne112chat says:

    If this is true, then explain to me and my wife how our 5 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with Autism?? I was 38, my wife 32 when our daughter was born. We have a son who is 15 months older than our daughter, and he does not have autism. I agree with the other posting: Vaccines contained Mercury, and that affects babies. Explain to me how in the 90′s, with out mercury in vaccines, 1 out of every 10,000 births were autistic; now 1 out of 150 babies are diagnosed with autism.

  2. bluecv8zmonaro says:

    What about The massive poisoning of my Autistic son by Ionic Heavy Metals in his system that he cannot chelate properly. How many other autistic kids have the same copper or mercury poisoning? I asked a workmate to test his autistic daughter and guess what dangerous levels. This needs to be studied further and hey hair test your Autistic kid ASAP.

  3. claymsn says:

    too bad they didn’t give this story more than 1:55.

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