Mercury Toxicity & Autism Pаrt 1 Dr. Boyd Haley іѕ a professor аחԁ chair οf tһе chemistry department аt tһе University οf Kentucky. Iח tһіѕ interview, Dr. Haley discusses mercury toxicity аѕ a causal factor іח Autism. Hе аƖѕο discusses tһе two primary sources οf mercury toxicity: vaccines & dental amalgams. Source: FAIR Autism Media Vaccine Information аחԁ Awareness sites www.whale.tο octomedia Mercury toxicity Autism link

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25 Responses to “Part 1: Mercury Toxicity & Autism”
  1. 3TwoDreaM says:

    Do some reaserch dude. Let’s be clear AND inpartial.
    Their’s more to suggest that vaccinations came at a time when infection and contamination were on a downward slide and that they have done more harm than good. Also, let us not forget that we have every reason to believe that virus’ such as Influenza and HIV are man made. I’m not picking side’s, just starring at the Proof Scale.

  2. zackbendigo says:

    Obviously you do not have an autistic child!! Until you do then do not comment. Statistically there are more autistic children in Australia than children dying from all the viruses/ diseases you have listed. Remember that these vaccines are attenuated ( reduce in force). If the vaccines are only a weak strain then how can you be certain that these children’s immune systems are able to detect the virus/bacteria???
    Autism Mum

  3. batigol47 says:

    I wish I was getting paid as well, because this would be an easy job. Refuting the obviously uneducated is not difficult. Nevertheless, I am simply following your logic. You appear on every video I do, ergo you must be paid by someone to do it.

  4. XMRVAware says:

    XMRV retrovirus is present in approx 4% of the healthy population but much higher in Autism, Gulf War Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
    All of these illnesses share impared metal processing, blocked methylation, gut issues, and neuro immune problems.

    Please see the stunning research from the Whittemore Peterson Institute published in the prestigious Science publication in October 2009.

  5. CJEB4 says:

    I wish someone were paying me, but my severely autistic son is payment enough, jerk.

  6. batigol47 says:

    Wouldn’t it be remarkable if you actually had evidence to support anything you say?
    You appear on every video I do. How much are the paying you?

  7. lucidguru says:

    Take your pick:
    Risk your child getting autism from a vaccine (no established causal connection with literally BILLIONS of immunized people as data)
    Risk your child getting very sick or dying from measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, tetanus, chickenpox, hepatitis B, etc.

    When your child gets sick or dies from one of these preventable diseases, everyone will say “I TOLD YOU SO”.

  8. CJEB4 says:

    Bagitol47 works for a pharmaceutical company, look at a lot of anti mercury/ vaccine videos and he is there every day defending these monsters.

  9. GodForum says:

    Type ” mmsforhispaniola ” in YouTube search

    According to the FDA Mercury is IN

    the Swine Flu Vaccine.

  10. monicabrsgooglemail says:

    thermerosol = partial labotomy

  11. michael0156 says:

    Challenge to transtlantic, batigol47, ckretagentman, stupyouch and anyone else of their ilk.

    Post 2 studies, EACH, showing vaccines are not linked to autism. DECLARE in your post that these are your best submissions. List principle authors, funding/sponsoring institutions, conflicts and conclusions. Make sure they are the BEST studies you can google.

    I will show them to be epidemiological manipulations, conflicted or just wrong.

    Still waiting…

    Stop Hurting Kids

  12. batigol47 says:

    It is not ad hominem when it is accurate, and you keep reinforcing it.

    You again failed to respond to the factual information I just posted.

  13. batigol47 says:

    1. Whether you think aspartame is entirely relevant and I have explained why. Go ahead though, keep deflecting.
    2. Pick a vaccine. It is really that simple. Name one.

  14. michael0156 says:

    Which question Batty? “Does aspartame cause cancer” or “Pick any vaccine”

    1. Aspartame is not part of a discussion on autism & vaccines, but it is relevant to corporate manipulation of the FDA, if that’s what you want to talk about
    2. The vaccine with the most toxins in it. But my interest in safety of vaccines is clinical studies done on the contents of vaccine, not the manufacturer’s studies to the FDA declaring them safe for 100′s of millions after being tested on selected hundreds

  15. michael0156 says:

    Batty… honey… all those compliments and no facts…. no refutation… sounds like a lot of ad hominem, so much ad hominem it’s feeling like ad nauseum…

    Start using some new studies I can refute or make more ridiculous statements like “induced and caused are not perfectly synonymous” or “RA is not a DSM-IV diagnosis”… I like exposing you naked to the world as a low class sociopathic shill

    don’t be afraid Batty, take a stand again, with some “facts” or “no evidence”

  16. batigol47 says:

    I have asked you a specific question, and I am still awaiting your reply. Prove that you are not willfully ignorant and unobservant of the details.

  17. batigol47 says:

    What “they say” is in product patent claims background information. Vaccines need to be sterilized as part of the manufacturing process. It has no bearing on whether end products are safe. It’s quite clear that you simply do not have the comprehension skills necessary to analyze this information.

    You barely comprehend written English. You cant follow basic logic, and you dont understand the basic concepts necessary to make a scientific argument. Fact is you haven’t made a valid point yet.

  18. michael0156 says:

    Vaccines need to be cleaned up. ZERO toxins, except the antigen, to protect children from harm. You know that is the correct path to take.

    That you fight it with illogical conflicted arguments is evidence of your sociopathic nature.

    Vaccines are the #1 substance of interest as the cause of regressive autism (RA). There is clearly an environmental trigger for RA. Even the scientists going after a genetic cause of autism readily admit that genetics alone cannot explain regressive autism

  19. batigol47 says:

    They are not mutually exclusive, once again showing your lack of comprehension. Toxicity is dose related and vaccines are not all homogeneous.

    I have given you studies for YOU to read. You fail to do so, generally, not that you understand those that you do.

    I gave you a SPECIFIC question. Which vaccine do you want a study of?

  20. michael0156 says:

    Batty, you made the claim that toxins in vaccine are either below safe levels or aren’t there. You still haven’t clarified which position you truly support, they are conflicted

    You refer to many studies on youtube, some of which you post without reading or understanding. But never have you posted one about vaccine toxin safety, although you have claimed they exist and I have repeatedly asked for.

    I say the studies need to be done, you claim they have been. Where are they?

  21. batigol47 says:

    Pick a SINGLE vaccine that you want a study on the safety of. There are studies for each and every one of them. Meanwhile present just ONE that supports you.

    A patent battle has everything to do with their statements, and you are yet again showcasing your inability to understand anything but the most concrete concepts.

  22. michael0156 says:

    I’m still waiting for ANY study Batty wants to present that declares toxins in vaccines are safe to inject into children.

    In 1989 toxins similar to those in recombinant vaccines caused immune disorders in adults who ingested them. Injection into infants will be much more potent.

    Batty states studies have been done proving these toxins are safe, without producing any such study.

    A patent battle has nothing to do with Medeva’s statement that endotoxins need to be removed from vaccine

  23. batigol47 says:

    I never said that vaccines cannot have side effects; I said was that there is no evidence they are linked to autism.

    Your statement re: Medeva shows just how little understanding you have of the pharmaceutical industry. Medeva is waging a battle with Biogen over patents. Of course they are both presenting patents regarding processes for purifying vaccines. It does not mean that they either is presenting a better process or that the process they have is ineffective. It means theirs is different.

  24. michael0156 says:

    Batty, Medeva Europe Limited states vaccines have toxins that need to be cleaned up. Where’s your refutation?

    Where’s your evidence that vaccine toxins do not harm any children in any way? Injecting multiple toxic cocktails (36 by age 6) into the most vulnerable is insane, some would say sociopathic

    Certainly defending the practice with lies is sociopathic. Depending on who you say it to, it is criminal, as pharmaceutical companies know


  25. batigol47 says:

    You have to actually present a fact.

    You exposed nothing other than your general failure in reading comprehension and lack of command of the English language. You think you proved something because you are just too stupid to understand how you failed.

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