Mercury Toxicity & Autism Pаrt 3 Dr. Boyd Haley іѕ a professor аחԁ chair οf tһе chemistry department аt tһе University οf Kentucky. Iח tһіѕ interview, Dr. Haley discusses mercury toxicity аѕ a causal factor іח Autism. Hе аƖѕο discusses tһе two primary sources οf mercury toxicity: vaccines & dental amalgams. Source: FAIR Autism Media Vaccine Information аחԁ Awareness sites www.whale.tο octomedia Mercury toxicity Autism link toxin

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25 Responses to “Part 3: Mercury Toxicity & Autism”
  1. farneyblakeley says:

    Get your swine flu vaccine everybody! Don’t want you to get sick

  2. BeaucoupRed says:

    The rats are jumping ship.

    CHEMRISK – a research company hired by the Corn Refiners Association has recently taken down it’s YouTube channel.

    The removal was in response to negative public perception resulting from the discovery of dangerous levels of MERCURY in HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Apparently it has become a liability to defend the sweetener.

    See one of the last remaining ChemRisk videos at CornRefinersAssoc on YouTube.

  3. warriorprince1010 says:

    Every single word this man has said concerning autism is TRUE, 100% true.

  4. WolYou says:

    People seem to forget about contagan. The pharama industry have a good chance to create reliable customers, when they start vaccination on babies. The blood-brain barrier isn’t even fully developed when those suckers start to inject mercury into their sensitive bodies. This business entirely based on profits and there isn’t any resposibility beyond share-holder-value. Anyone who believes that the pharam industry has other targets than profit is deeply naive.

  5. WolYou says:

    Money. Enough said.

  6. batigol47 says:

    great response!

  7. ladymagnoliaa says:

    LOL! you are such an idiot!!

  8. batigol47 says:

    You are the one making claims, ergo you are the one that has to provide the evidence. Unless you are not interested in evidence, but only your “divine” knowledge…Your evasion and deflection do not help your case.

  9. Howrualldoing says:

    There is a popular saying; “Don’t cast your pearls before swines”. If you are really that interested, just check it out for yourself. Nobody is going to convince you until you are affected and live the experience yourself.

  10. batigol47 says:

    Ad Hominem response? You made no attempt to respond. IF you are healed and are so sure of how and why, why aren’t you spreading the word of your symptoms and specific disease? Why aren’t ypou forthcoming with the exact medicine and condition you were being treated for that was wrong?

  11. Howrualldoing says:

    It’s obvious you’re an argumentative, naive and over-medicated mentally challenged individual that posesses minimal brain wave function / general cognitive abilities. This condition has likely been enhanced by all your vaccinations, etc. I won’t even try talking sense to you since you are already pre-programmed to lap up all the nonsense that so called “doctors” and the government are jamming between your ears and getting embedded in those random, few molecules which may still exist in there.

  12. batigol47 says:

    These diseases existed before modern medicine. You fully recovered? What from? Did they turn you into a newt? I bet one of the things you “detoxed” from was the Prozac to treat your paranoid personality disorder.
    At any rate, If they are trying to control the population they are doing a piss poor job, and you really have nothing to worry about anyway.

  13. Howrualldoing says:

    All things being equal, as soon as I quit getting vaccinated on a regular basis and followed a metal detox regime, I fully recovered from this poison that the government is using to control population and incapacitate individuals. There is a bigger agenda if you really want to take your head out of the sand and face up to it. Diseases are created then treated by corrupt pharmaceutical companies. You really need to do some of your own research if you don’t know by now.

  14. batigol47 says:

    You, personally? Proof? What damage? Apparently not as much as the entirely preventable by vaccine Hib that killed a kid and severely sickened 3 others in Minnesota this week alone. If your “proof” is some sort of chelation therapy, it’s no proof at all; you cannot prove where you received heavy metal poisoning. The amount in any vaccine(ignoring that its no longer in the vast majority) wasnt enough to cause you any trouble unless allergic, in which case you wouldnt have had more than one.

  15. Howrualldoing says:

    I don’t need to “parrot a handful of wing nuts”. I have already been poisoned by the chemical toxins from former vaccinations. I used to trust doctors when they told me that vaccines were safe. Fact is, they’re wrong and naive to think this way. Mercury poisoning is extremely debilitating and most vaccines are replete with it as well as other toxic chemicals. You stick with your idiotic kind, like brainwashed doctors who deny real facts. Keep getting vaccinated. You’ll find out eventually.

  16. batigol47 says:

    I have had all the vaccinations I can get, and remarkably I am healthy and have never suffered a single side effect. What is further I have never suffered from a single illness I was vaccinated from. That is mere anecdotal evidence, you know the kind YOU think is scientific. The evidence is overwhelming that vaccines promote the general welfare, and if you were able to interpret what you read rather than parroting a handful of wingnuts, you would know that.

  17. batigol47 says:

    Apparently you have no concept of how science works. I imagine you are one of the types of people who believes that intelligent design has the same merit as evolutionary theory.
    The better question is are you a quack selling homeopathic medicine or an ambulance chasing lawyer?

  18. Howrualldoing says:

    I see that you’re just another typical idiot who doesn’t have the foggiest about what is going on in the world. Go get yourself another vaccination or two and leave intelligent, concerned people to discuss things which are established as fact and really matter to the majority.
    Maybe you haven’t suffered the loss of a loved one due to vaccination poisoning. When you do, that may change your way of thinking.

  19. JakeThanksYou says:

    It’s you that needs to look into the mirror. You’re already dumbed down if you still think that vaccinations are not being used to weaken and incapacitate people. Why don’t you educate yourself first and applaud those who try to warn others of what is really going on behind the scenes?!
    What are you anyway another stupid doctor that is bought and paid for by the evil pharmaceutical companies?!


  20. batigol47 says:

    The government doesn’t have to do anything to dumb the populace down. Look in the mirror.

  21. electricityfan says:

    ok these people are out of control. the government and its agencies say mercury is safe, but it’s more toxic than lead.
    this prooves that the government are evil and we shouldnt do as they say as they obviously knew that this could happen.

    if they can lie about something so dangerous as toxixity of mercury’ what else arent they telling us the truth about.

    we dont have to put up with this shit. the constitution clearly says that when the govt get out of control we the people should step in.

  22. Howrualldoing says:

    They are preparing everyone for the new world order. If they can dumb down society by giving poison vaccinations, this will make it much easier for the government to carry out this agenda.

  23. warriorprince1010 says:

    If your child has autism / mercury retention disorder do the following…

    Grind 4 coriander leaves in a coffee grinder, add pressed orange juice and drink.

    Try not to cook coriander if you are treating mercury retention disorder / autism.

    Once your child is free and healthy never eat sea foods as they all contain mercury.

    However you need omega oils so do the following…

    Grind a tea spoon full of flax seeds in your coffee grinder every day, add pressed orange juice and drink.

  24. davidchenard says:

    The only way is share the facts you find. Don’t provide your conclusions first. Give the evidence to people. It speaks for itself. We must spread the truth by word of mouth and provide sources. We are being poisoned and dumbed down intentionally.

  25. davidchenard says:

    Thank you. I read that in an article written by a credible doctor recently but couldn’t find it again. That is valuable information.

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