…dimensions beyond tһе “triad οf impairment,” wіtһ Laura аחԁ “LіttƖе Miss.Red Ridinghood”…

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25 Responses to “Part III: Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome”
  1. coronaqueen221 says:

    LOL you’re 2 funny !! I love love love what you said about the men being clumpsy..have you ever found yourself questioning why they even bother to pursue..ive had attention but i never felt driven to reallly pursue anyone, my work and creative work comes first to me…does that happen to you..?i’m sorry I know i have alot of questions and comments…

  2. ellamicky says:

    my mom and doc said i has a little bit of it but i never really cheaked in to it till now omg i can tottle relate

  3. ellamicky says:

    my mom and doc said i has a little bit of it but i never really cheaked in to it till now omg i can tottle relate

  4. ellamicky says:

    my mom and doc said i has a little bit of it but i never really cheaked in to it till now omg i can tottle relate

  5. MEEP012 says:

    oh snap i have all of these symptoms (apart from physical clumsiness since i’m a very good rugby player or that light makes me go crazy).

    also i think i may have the additional OCD and hearing thing (since i h8 the sound of fireworks and cover my ears and having looked on wiki i have most of the symptoms of OCD).

    however is there anyway i can go to a doctors to get myself checked out without letting my parents know (since they will think im crazy).

    andrew smith (15) england

  6. tracey22b says:

    I wish I had self confidence like you!

  7. champagnevoluptuous says:

    Your videos are remarkably accurate to describing what I go through on a daily basis to a tee! It’s like you are telling my life story, & it almost makes me want to cry. FINALLY! Someone out there knows me and my inner workings! Thank you SO MUCH for posting these videos. You do not know (or maybe you do) how much I have suffered in learning and socialization, or lack thereof. It’s like that song “Killing Me Softty.” Listen to the song & you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  8. luky7s says:

    I like your use of props (although not professionally executed), that’s the kind of thing I would do – using props to illustrate what I am saying
    Is that monkey in the background holding a Tarot card?

  9. NomadicAssassin says:

    Wow, you come up with profound ideas i never would have thought of, and that is a frig’in cool doll, however said concept with the doll makes so much sence, we all have weakness’s, but we also have our strengths. Great Job, nice vid!! :)

  10. falmsilm says:

    LOVE your videos! 5/5

  11. beastinblack says:

    i like the internet makes me relieved to know im not alone

  12. MichaelRobacker says:

    Your serries is very great. it informs me well of what it is like to have Aspergers. It helps me out well. :-)

  13. MermaidGirl84 says:

    Awesome video…..I had that doll too. :)

  14. michaelmohrmann says:

    Sure thing, you’re very welcome. :)

  15. whitetigerdream says:

    The honest truth is that I’m not sure! Thanks for asking,though.

  16. michaelmohrmann says:

    OK, I had just seen all three parts of “Understanding Asperger Syndrome” I have found them to be very informative and interesting. However, I do have one question that needs answering….Shall I be looking forward to a part 4? Please reply when you can. Thank you, and take care.

  17. whitetigerdream says:

    neurodiversity dot com slash biographies dot h t m l
    (They’ve added a bunch more names to their list!!)

  18. slash4689 says:

    how do i find the article about it and other famous aspeis

  19. whitetigerdream says:

    neurodiversity dot com contains the full article.

  20. slash4689 says:

    Hello laura paxton my names Ashley I’d just like to know how did you come to the conclusion that tim burton has aspergers

  21. danzaboy3 says:

    omg, i feel exactly the same way !, im a aspie too (male :P )

    Where do you come from tiger ?

  22. Applet2 says:

    I understood every part of this except the red riding hood part at the end. This series is making a lot of sense to me, more so than the books. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  23. genxer says:

    As a person who has dated, thus far, 2 females with Asperger’s syndrome everything is very simple. Everyone is the same, I hate titles. My exs are my exs not my aspie exs

  24. whitetigerdream says:

    Why thank you! I really appreciate the feedback from everyone.

  25. dancemaiden says:

    I love watching your videos! They’re really interesting!

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