Frοm tһе documentary, RIDING SHOTGUN WITH ASD, Jack Parish — diagnosed wіtһ autism іח 1996 — shares һіѕ perspective οח Ɩονе, peace аחԁ airplanes. AƖѕο, a look аt video frοm Jack’s birth through һіѕ 14th birthday.

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10 Responses to “Peace. Love. Jack.”
  1. AspieKid says:

    Very nice video. Your love for your son is moving and inspiring.

  2. KnipeDrums says:

    Thank you both for the uplifting video I wish you all the best that life has to offer.

  3. dodgers8647 says:


  4. brian09876543 says:

    Jack, you and your dad… well, ya pretty much rock. I’m recently volunteering (basically horsing around and getting into heaps of trouble) with a cool dude with Autism Spectrum difficulty. You guys are an inspiration. If you keep puttin’ out videos I’ll keep watchin’


  5. 1210donna says:

    lovely video. loved the staircase slide.
    did similar with my little brother in my own life too. Parallel worlds are an oft looked wonderful way to ‘simply be’.


  6. aeaeroeagle1964 says:

    That is so sweet to see how much he loves his son =]

  7. leoleponge says:

    You’re a great dad! Jack is a sweety!


  8. JetsetMuerte says:

    I love what you’re doing.
    Ya see, autism isn’t that bad, we auties can be happy too. =]

    I myself have high functioning autism.
    Oh, and I have a question, is Jack very good with computers?

  9. RnKTV says:

    I love this video..Will this be broadcast on PBS stations? I have your Come Back Jack and My Son Jack: Diagnosis Autism videos. It is nice to be able to see how well Jack is doing today! My daughter hates the camera :( <3Kirasmumm

  10. mhhm07 says:

    very cool .. i’m very interested

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