Tһіѕ іѕ Richie’s mother Please еחјοу Richie’s Playthrough series. Hе һаѕ aspergers. Hе′s a ƖіttƖе special a ƖіttƖе different.

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12 Responses to “Pit-figher Playthrough 1 of 4”
  1. TheLadyTW says:

    lmao u too silly for this shit man omg i cudnt stop laughn did u say wilford grimlon and at 5:39 “KATO” aw dis bitch den fucked up now….rotflmfao u silly man

  2. cohcity says:

    lol!! Wow I miss this game and the narrations! Too funny.

  3. TheKnightWolf says:

    I love your narrations of the games! Hilarious man! When I was a kid I had Flinstone’s chewables LOL!

  4. ragemishima says:

    This is freakin hilarious. You actually have me wanting to play Pit Fighter again! XD

    Good job!

  5. MJCXdotCOM says:

    I woke up my girl laughing so hard at this video. I imagine your story of how Pit Fighter came to be isn’t that far from truth.

  6. PopcornCoolie says:

    The problem with this game is that there is no sense of contact. I remember this game pissed me off.

  7. unitytoo says:

    1:00 – (lmfao) “so tired I would love to get out of this field mEIn I don’t want to pick UHnions no more” ROFLMFAO

  8. NFSlugger13 says:

    Funny presentation for a fun game.

  9. MyAssHasWorms says:

    Thanks awesome dude!

  10. XSC3 says:

    Hilarious… now you’ve made me watch the whole series!

  11. MyAssHasWorms says:

    The snes version does not have Southside Jim! It will never be pit-fighter without him.

  12. CastlevaniaMoogle says:

    This looks a whole lot better than the Super Nintendo version. Nice playthrough!

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