Planet Parent Aspergers Syndrom

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7 Responses to “Planet Parent Aspergers Syndrom (part 2/6)”
  1. 98Zai says:

    If we did go up against Germany, we would have been crushed, and I probably wouldn’t be alive today.

    The top reason it’s a superpower is by sheer population amount only.

  2. bambifalls says:

    my little brother has aspergers syndrome and he is 15 and he is quite tall for his age. but once when i was walking him to school. an adult spat at him. he automaticalli. turned punched the guy in the face and ran home. He assumed that because he walked out the front door to go to school that will always happen. And ever since he has never walked out the front door to school.

  3. britlandco says:

    It’s important to note that this does not have to be a disability. Parents need to find their As child’s niche and cheer it on.

  4. SanFran90 says:

    @ZoonicDeHedgehoog: “Germans……………are far above”. Kinda hate to say this, since I’m a fan of their cars and stuff, but I’m not too sure about that……..

    But then again, many of the so-called “smart” aspies are probably misdiagnosed, no matter where they’re from{no offense to people who really are though}.

  5. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    If America is so low functioning how come it is a super power and Sweden is not??? Look the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You say that Britain and America are inferior. Yet your country still hasn’t done anything not even in WW2 appart from help the Nazi Bastards avoid capture.

  6. ZoonicDeHedgehoog says:

    I think America is the most low functioning autistic country in the world. Aspies in the states are absolute fucktards compared to aspies in for example Sweden or Japan where many aspies have been master directors, artists or designers and possessed a Theory of Mind far above that of normal people.

    Anglo people, brits, americans, canadians and australians are some of the most retarded in existence.

    Germans and east asians are far above.

  7. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    I think America is the most NT Country in the world

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