Planet Parent Aspergers Syndrom

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9 Responses to “Planet Parent Aspergers Syndrom (part 3/6)”
  1. MUBYrox says:

    keira is so cool, she has alot of friends , i didnt know she had aspergers syndrome

  2. MUBYrox says:

    ashbergers is a desiese?

  3. megamanxz1 says:

    Some of us prefer the easy way out. If normal, or the so-called neurotypical people, have no problems by default, why should we have to live constantly struggling?

  4. megamanxz1 says:

    Sadly, even people with AS don’t stand each other. Some of us didn’t grow up around one another or simply have worked hard to appear normal enough for us to not fit in. It’s as complicated as gay men; there is often fighting between the straight looking and gay looking men and bi men. It’s not so apparent just now simply because the AS diagnosis is relatively new. Part of our troubles deals with the Western European based cultures, which values extroversion and individualism.

  5. jimgray424 says:


  6. Ashenicky2009 says:

    I dont think there is a cure for autism, aspergers syndrome, there isnt even a cure for AIDS or they just hadent found it. Aspergers syndrome is more like a race in my opinion, and you dont realy have cures for your race either.

  7. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    LOL the Nazi Doctors thought the same when they wanted to make an Arian Race. It is very dangerous to play God. There is obviously a reason that people have been born with Aspergers

  8. IndigoR says:

    I get what you’re saying and in some ways I agree. If only humanity good have the best of both worlds, intense focus and intellect in tandem with great social skills and general happiness.

  9. ronzthefonz1973 says:

    according to this vid scientists view ass as a disease that must be fixed. according to them there are genes that are “wrong” and need fixing… I think that a very dangerous line of thought… ass people have done a lot of good things for this world in terms of invention, engineering etc. Why do we need changing? Why do we need to be turned into “normal” people? Doesnt it take every kind of people to make this world a good place? Anyway, have you ever met a normal person? And? Did you enjoy it?

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