Portia again.

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15 Responses to “portiajanuary3”
  1. Myrdrahl says:

    Sorry about her tics and seizures. What an adorable little girl, though.

  2. angela1894 says:

    what happened to the tics ?

  3. SWBF4756294387 says:

    @wmaurice50 what the hell is your problem?

  4. JustxAnotherxCut says:

    she is just adorable

  5. girlchristian1 says:

    I was wondering, have they done the SCN1A gene testing on Portia? She’s darling, I’m sorry she has seizures and tics, so does my little girl.

  6. cndngurl35 says:

    I think your daughter is a beautiful young lady, i am a parent of a special needs child. My son Stephen is 11 and has a structural brain abnormality, tourette syndrome, adhd and has just been diagnosed with something called PDDNOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified) it is based on the autisim spectrum nut he is not autistic, he has certain traits of things listed on the spectrum. Because of his brain abnormality he is @ a high risk of seizures. He is my whole world !!!

  7. yintibbies says:

    How is Portia these days? Rosalie’s seizures have increased and she is having new types of seizures. That makes her autism more noticeable. She has less eye contact, doesn’t respond to questions, and is less social when she is having seizures.

  8. 1BONJOVIGIRL says:

    cute,sweet,smart,great clothers,great video snikyma.

  9. kaylinsvlog says:

    @wmaurice50 and ur a huge jerk who needs to shut his mouth!

  10. FinalFantasy51485 says:

    Aww, she didn’t use !Libra this time.

  11. HCedillos1 says:

    she’s so beautiful =)

  12. wmaurice50 says:

    She is autistic!!!

  13. pixie1310 says:

    What the hell’s wrong with you man??

  14. wmaurice50 says:

    Portia needs a pack of diapers!!!

  15. snickerspotpie says:

    Well, she’s just precious and beautiful, that’s for sure. As for Aspberger’s….she seems to make appropriate eye contact, smile appropriately, etc. The episodes may possibly be tics, but I think the fact that you had even one EEG which indicated seizure activity would point toward epilepsy. That’s my admittedly uneducated guess.

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