Post a video οf yourself.

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13 Responses to “Post a video of yourself – Dried Craisins”
  1. theWrongPlanet says:

    Mmmmm . . . pecans

  2. pjfislord says:

    I agree. Cranberry crunch is great, but doesn’t stand a chance against great grains. All those dates, all those pecans.

  3. mels8780 says:

    lol….that wasnt what I was expecting in a video from you but hey okay..lmao

  4. treitmaniac says:

    Nice facial expression. I have Asperger’s, yet I still find the facial expressions amusing.

  5. ph0t0sh0pmast3r says:

    HAH! You are just like me, so random. Only I have no videos at the moment, so maybe when the sun rises and I get out of linux, and in windows (the video drivers suck) I will post something, my first youtube video….with a crappy camera! YAY! I think I am just going to wait for the sun rise now…oooh….. I need coffee….. oh, your still here…. maybe I should stop typing, make coffee, and start thinking about random numbers, or I can keep typing until character count runs out, almost there..

  6. NadezhdaRozagy1 says:

    you’re so funny, dude!!! you should be in the movies! LOL :-) )))

  7. nuncdimettis says:

    I would respond if you had better, more specific challege!

  8. tmad40blue says:

    *is recording a video of myself at the moment* =p

  9. knowingforever says:

    you’re cool, man. funny and cute.

  10. aMSkEes says:

    damn bro, im sure your a smart guy; but stuff like this won’t get you a girlfriend. It might just scare them away!

  11. Bopkasen says:

    I did post a video clip using the webcam but it made the sound static and hardly to hear me. What is the problem? Should I use movie maker then upload it?

  12. ienstine says:

    hey alex! nice video! i didn’t know you could post videos as respones or else i would have done that with my video!

  13. JLD902 says:

    hey alex, i have a love for special k with strawberries, i love your idea for the self video for the site.

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