Second раrt οf a series tһаt I’m doing tһаt wіƖƖ change tһе world аѕ уου know іt аחԁ blot out tһе sun.

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11 Responses to “Pre-Diagnosing AUTISM #2”
  1. Kalic0224 says:

    Thank you for posting this video. In regards to what someone else said about repeatition, I was not insulted at all! I think your presentation was fine!

  2. KimberlyMahurin says:

    In my mind most children are overloaded with toxins. These kids have ADD, Dyslexia, ADHD and much more. The good thing to realize is that we can make these children comfortable in their skin.

  3. KimberlyMahurin says:

    The parents still say the child has the autistic thought process, but the uncomfortable behaviors are gone making it possible for them to function and be happy.

  4. KimberlyMahurin says:

    Phil one thing that came to my mind watching this video is the very same medical community that will diagnose autism will later say that the diagnosis was wrong if the child stops behaviors. Ive heard this over and over.

  5. springrobin says:

    Then we can pose ourselves the question Is there a way the child can get that need met in ways that might serve them even better all around

  6. springrobin says:

    It’s theory folks & every line of inquiry that we take even if proven totally wrong later only informs us more. We have to question qu’tion qu’tion & ever improve the type of Questions we ask. As a teacher using behaviour analysis we have to ask eg. what function is that behaviour serving? before we declare the behaviour the enermy & close mindedly set about it’s elimination. Then

  7. springrobin says:

    this is great advice & well explained period. Oh that people were more able to keep an open mind about a whole range of things. Why why is it so hard for people to say they don’t know??? scientists, investigators & inquirers of all kinds would never come up with the answers they have if they ran(closed minded) with the first explaination they came up with.

  8. samsydneysmama says:

    I also keep an open mind myself if not I would drive myself crazy wondering if somthing I did made her autistic, what good would that do now? I focus on what I can do to help her be a happy and hopefully self
    sufficient individual.

  9. peaches927 says:

    I like that you are promoting open-mindedness. :)

  10. chumkiu62 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

  11. chumkiu62 says:

    As an autistic person I find it very interesting yet sad how people think for example, that my delayed or non response to playful teasing is “cute”, vs the more destructive force of
    this same behavior to building relationships, which I really cannot tell the difference in, from the first situation to the second, in spite of the different set of circumstances. Perhaps it is just unexpected in both situations. This is just one example of autistic behavior vs a set of possible

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