Jυѕt mу rant οח wһу tһе medical system һаѕ failed a lot οf people based οח a message I һаԁ іח mу inbox today

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21 Responses to “Psychiatric Blues and Aspergers”
  1. sirtinycreep says:

    @AccessorizeAlways No problem.

  2. AccessorizeAlways says:


  3. AccessorizeAlways says:

    @sirtinycreep I’m sory i mean to say you DON”T seem ill intentioned

  4. AccessorizeAlways says:

    I appreciate people like you sirtiny. You will say something that just looks ignorant but you seem ill intentioned. And you admitted you had a lack of knowledge at the end…this is the way i wish everyone would react.

  5. AccessorizeAlways says:

    but these women don’t seem to understand cause and effect

  6. AccessorizeAlways says:

    My point was i don’t want to be that ever

  7. AccessorizeAlways says:

    i agree with this whole “normal” thing. I feel like I have more feelings and compassion than the average person. At the same time I can be so selfish but I don’t act like some of these crazy people do. I don’t go around showing my tits and then wonder why men treat us the way they do. I go around dressed and wonder why men treat us like they do and then say oh yeah…it’s society. Then I get depressed lol. I think some women are so stupid….

  8. anewman1980 says:

    Psychiatrists & Psychologists are constantly on the look out for anything they can see as a problem or wrong. They tend to be narrow-minded and susceptible to all the foibles of Neurotypical Syndrome. This is why I think they picked up on the kinky stuff. Sadly I think mentioning it was the wrong thing to do. It’s also the reason some people with Asperger Syndrome are misdiagnosed Schizophrenic (because they see someone they consider abnormal who does not behave in the way they expect them to).

  9. sirtinycreep says:

    It’s not the case of being disappointed. I just have a lack of knowledge in this area, but thanks for clearing it up. A bit.

  10. morpheus1x says:

    or live in your mind one day!

  11. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    @jbhafford thank you for the thumbs up. I think a lot of NTs look for facial disfigurement or maybe one leg shorter than the other. They fail to see or comprehend that people can have disabilities and look perfectly fine

  12. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    @sirtinycreep Well sorry to dissapoint you but I was diagnoed in 2004 and also recently with another psychiatric assessment the psychiatrist confirmed the diagnosis. We may not look like we are abnormal because its the condition and there are various facets of the condition,

  13. sirtinycreep says:

    I see. Thanks.

  14. jbhafford says:

    Many times, autistics and Aspies look like average, everyday neurotypicals. Don’t judge an autie/aspie by their appearance:) I am autistic and it pisses me off when people say, “Well, I see nothing wrong with you.” If only they could walk in my shoe.

  15. 7lizet says:


  16. 7lizet says:

    but I often think you are to honest
    in your video’s
    you make yourself more vulnerable this way and people who want to hurt you
    can easily do it because you don’t hold back things
    maybe it would be better for yourself
    to be more carefull in what you say
    to pretect yourself

  17. 7lizet says:

    what you say about psychologists
    and shrinks I think its true
    they are not almighty and things that
    are considered to be normal now don’t
    have to be normal
    in former times people were trown for lions that was normal then
    I think nowadays people look to much up
    to shrinks and psychologists
    what I do not like about them is their
    overrational side

  18. 7lizet says:

    every word you say shows you are very bright and that you are a real deep
    thinker although sometimes you jump
    into conclusions like when you say that
    if woman dress sexy they invite man
    I think that has more to do with the stereo
    typ that is constantly shown on MTV
    teens want to be modern thats normal

  19. sirtinycreep says:

    By the way, chum, how were you diagnosed with your condition? I frankly cannot see anything wrong with you!

  20. StevoArtist says:

    From my heart, I can tell you and describe what my life has been with Autism Spectrum or Asperger’s. That spectrum is analogous to the the broken rays from a crystal prism. I always give you hurrahs as you know. You know I am older, 59 now. Born hallucinating with a darn radio audio in my head and my numerous gollums or friend spirits hugging and sometimes crowding me. Lucky, that you and me can actually speak words and thought. Many cannot do even that much. That’s big, “duh!” to both of us!

  21. morpheus1x says:

    if normal is amy winehouse or britney spears id rather have autistic kids! and the cougars…if i were to chase college girls id be deemed a pervy! most psychs milk their patients for the money. i found one that was into alternative, understood aspergers, and would actually break the client-patient privilege (within reason) but when the money dried up she wouldn’t help anymore. problem is no-one is holds them accountable for patients progress so they just sit, listen, and collect a check!

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