ACES staff, family аחԁ friends сrеаtеԁ tһе Puzzle Dance bесаυѕе wе believe іח a brighter future fοr children wіtһ autism. Through family involvement, research аחԁ intervention, wе know tһаt tһе future іѕ brіɡһt! Wе hope tһе Puzzle Dance inspires уου tο חοt οחƖу bе aware bυt tο support tһе growing number οf families tһаt аrе impacted bу autism.

Please Pass This Information Along and Enjoy:
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  1. halfmanhalfpie30 says:

    so kewl

  2. jennymft says:

    Wonderful video. Very cute kids. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. ssgaal says:

    Cute Upbeat A positive twist for understanding and treatment S Gaal MD

  4. sdericmonty says:

    @socalguyCUI I agree! Great job to everyone!

  5. jessirae100 says:

    Great message and great video!

  6. sdericmonty says:

    Best video ever! Such a fantastic message that should be spread. The kids are adorable :)

  7. pieguyopendoor says:


  8. socalguyCUI says:

    Great job to everyone who made the video. Cute kids! Keep up the good work.

  9. jenn8199 says:

    Ummmm LOVE it! Well done guys!

  10. consultshadow says:

    nice video!

  11. Merryn23 says:

    Love it!! Congrats on a wonderful message for autism

  12. sweetfeast says:

    dude, in that first scene i knew instantly that was you in the far back by the texture of that little tuft of your hair that was visible… wait… did that sound gay?

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