Quantum-Touch Energy Healing. Dennis reports improvements wіtһ Autism child аחԁ οtһеr conditions

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25 Responses to “Quantum-Touch and Autism Healing”
  1. skjaldmaer says:

    I understand. Have since got hold of your book and reading it with interest. No offence meant it would just be bette world if this sort of knowledge was made free for all. Money makes the world go round right.

  2. QuantumTouch says:

    To maintain an organization to support the instructors, practitioners and keep the integrity of the work all costs money. We make it affordable, and people can really learn from the book which is free at libraries. Our love is free, but we pay rent and salaries for everything else.

  3. skjaldmaer says:

    what a pity learning this wonderful tecniqinformation isnt free. Imagine how great it would be to heal people

  4. DennisGeorgeRudolph says:

    That’s me on that video. Just so it’s clear, I’m not a true believer in QT. That would be like “believing” in gravity… it’s just not necessary. The technique works. If you do legitimate academic research, please, test it. I’d be happy to participate.

  5. octelcogopod says:

    i quantum touch myself at night

  6. joelito101 says:

    Cool, they are teaching the “Touch of Jesus”, maybe this is what Jesus came to teach, but was changed by religion to fit its beliefs.

  7. zgs12212012 says:

    Did you know that Valium does not work unless the patient is being told they are receiving it? Funny, huh?

  8. jimmycrackcorn1981 says:

    you have to proof this. show a strait forward to the point video of quantum touch working

  9. Markuma says:

    This is a natural ability that everyone can use. But there is alot that can impede it’s use. So everyone who wants to study or understand it do your own research and experiment. PSychology of the person can nulify any power because each person can reject positive effects of medicines or any kind of power. (Chi,Ki, prana, etc…) Unless the mind will allow a change. any benefit will be limited or short lived. It’s always best for people t o exhaust their will power it just gets in the way.

  10. worryphree says:

    They don’t claim to cure anything. If somebody gives their testimony that something has helped them to do better in life, well that’s good enough for me, short of finding out for myself. That’s the only real way to verify anything. Find out for yourself. Watch Steven Lewis AIM program on youtube. The parents of the autistic kids put them on AIM, and now they say they’re not autistic. Look it up. Trust your feelings.

  11. MAfanatic says:

    LET TEST IT. Please please please, anyone who claims they can cure AUTISM EMAIL ME. PLEASE. I can make arrangements at local centers for kids with special needs. Can we have the NAME OF THIS CENTER? I want to check out these claims.

  12. worryphree says:

    As well, there is the AIM program. People report their children with autism don’t have it, anymore.

  13. zgs12212012 says:

    To a point that in fact might be true. One exception is when the person receiving the energy does not know that they are being worked on. And they heal faster, etc. And if it was placebo, why did they not simply placebo themselves well to begin with? These are good questions to pursue here. The placebo effect is questionable since everyone in a trial knows that they are doing something new and different. If they did not know they were receiving anything, then that would be interesting…

  14. extremefun1 says:

    It can be that you can heal people with this quantum touch, but you have no idea if the healer caused the healing or the person’s own willpower is doing that. Because there have been reports of people healing themselves, While thinking a medicine or other person was healing hem. (placebo effect).

  15. zgs12212012 says:

    Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation of A Healing Revolution (Healing Research, Volume 1) by Daniel J. Benor is a good read for the uninformed and for practitioners alike.

  16. zgs12212012 says:

    That is Richard Gordon, founder of Q-T…

  17. 911bun says:

    Are you for real? Do you ever look at what you write and see how ridiculous it sounds?

    How exactly is this “power” “obvious it’s from demons? That’s about as obvious as me calling you a demon.

    Your name is hawaiilovers, your a demon because hawaii has volvanoes which represents fire which is evil, since you love it, therefore this must be you love evil?..I guess thats how you break things down.

  18. Herbgarden says:

    WHAT a BUNCH of RETARDS !! hHahahahah

    I bet you ALL buy this BS too !!! ;)

    stupid people :(

  19. zgs12212012 says:

    OK I will bite. Are you serious or are you simply being tongue in cheek here? With Q-T, the proof is in the pudding: It works and can be measured so that we can figure out how to make it work better based on measurements. Saying that this is demonic cannot be argued simply because there is no way to falsify your assertion. What is your intent here? And how did you arrive at this conclusion?

  20. hawaiilovers says:

    The power is from demons. That is obvious. There are only 2 sources of power. Either it is from God or Satan. This is surely satanic, demonic power. It is real, but you will pay a heavy price if you accept this type of healing.

  21. mrpatty29 says:

    my auntie recently went on a course for this because of her persistent aching back and her MRI’s revealed that her back was all wrong! i dont know if she’s better now, but I know for sure that she healed my grandma’s dog so he didnt need to go to an operation!

  22. zgs12212012 says:

    I believe it was the studies done for Propecia that showed 60% of people using the actual drug re-grew 100 hairs per square inch and 40% using the placebo re-grew 100 hairs per square inch. Hope that helps. And all beliefs not tested and re-tested against proofs are vacuous, no argument there.

  23. zgs12212012 says:

    We know more about the effects of placebos than about any other drug simply because all drugs are tested against placebos. And more and more studies are showing that placebos, especially active placebos, are more effective in their short and medium term use than the actual drug, especially the so called anti-depressants. You can actually talk yourself in to feeling more and less pain without any placebo. Jack Schwarz comes to mind regarding pain attenuation.

  24. zgs12212012 says:

    I agree with your point… If the hair loss had been stress related, touch can clearly prove useful. What about the cases where the hair loss was not stress related? That is the question that I have been driving at here. Quantum-Touch is a name of dubious quality IMHO save for a marketing vehicle.

  25. zgs12212012 says:

    Once again, that depends on who is doing the studies as chiropractic, prayer and homeopathy have all been proven to work. And I too wonder as I have done work with HIV positive people and have seen them improve but since I could not do a study, I cannot say for certain either way… But I am still working on the assumption that Q-T does influence people. The hope is that legit studies will be done.

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