QUEST CREW AJ Rafael Presents – MUSIC SPEAKS Benefit Concert fοr Autism Speaks Charity August 28, 2009 Event Coverage Bу: MOVeMEDIA Productions http

Please Pass This Information Along and Enjoy:
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25 Responses to “Quest Crew @ Music Speaks”
  1. FearlessV says:

    haha little hiccup at 2:03 on very right.

  2. bbbbbz1 says:

    best quest crew performance

  3. 2Sh0rtF0r69 says:

    no comment… oops i made one <–

  4. Andreaa216 says:

    OH GOD!
    without words–…–

  5. mexicanchick265 says:

    GOOO D-trix!!! woot

  6. jinefer63530 says:

    Lol i love how they let us believe it ended but and then random music comes on and they freeze

  7. JonHo714 says:

    sickest video

  8. sollikh1 says:

    shit man the best dance I have ever seen, every singel sec was great about their dance, they Rock

  9. SignsShallHitTheFan says:

    If it wasn’t illegal and highly unethical, i would marry all of those guys right now.

  10. AnimaSeverem says:

    2:30 GO D-TRIX GO

  11. glitchkillgasmx says:

    I SEE TIM! Also, this is so beast.

  12. bobjohn581 says:

    5:00 best flip ever!!!

  13. JeepAndTheFamily says:

    2:04 epic fail… anyway they are still the best!

  14. dredotcom25 says:

    WOW….. damn, i LOVE the Beatfreaks.. but yeah… Quest deserved to win LOL….

  15. theresapoll says:

    love them…no words…just love…slick moves are awesome….

  16. FireBallJutsu100 says:

    wow what hair products do that use?

  17. mw2ghost1982 says:

    well the floor is now 50% more cleener

  18. Lidchiful says:

    IamMe crew needs your help! Quest fans unite!

    Quest crew SUPPORTS IAMME CREW – season 6 champs!

  19. Lidchiful says:

    IamMe crew needs your help! Quest fans unite!

    Quest crew SUPPORTS IAMME CREW – season 6 champs!

  20. guitargurl131 says:


  21. guitargurl131 says:

    haha i love how at the toxic part hirano debates puting his jack back on but just goes “ehhhh nahhh…” and throws it to the side xD

  22. ScreamingAtCheese says:

    They are so freaking hot!!! :3

  23. jbwkzEx says:

    @Ahmatad Love Lockdown-Kayne West

  24. Ahmatad says:

    @TheKylespeed 50 cent – get up

  25. Ahmatad says:

    name song start 1:38 ??????? answer me fast

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