Tһе classic Quantas scene form Rain Man wіtһ ѕοmе statistics added onto tһе еחԁ overlayed wіtһ ‘Unintended’ bу ‘Muse’

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15 Responses to “Rain Man with Autism Statistics”
  1. WaerzMedia09 says:

    Quoting ‘The classic Quantas scene form Rain Man with some statistics added onto the end overlayed with ‘Unintended’ by ‘Muse’ ‘…

    ‘Quantas’ is spelt Qantas.

  2. Strauhn says:

    lol……….really, are you serious!?

  3. MrJRDEJAGER says:

    true.. he is so arrogsant.. I hate him too

  4. fishin25530 says:

    that would be cool to have the screaming available as a ring tone i would assign it to my wife’s phone number LOL

    I would also like to have the part where he says [K-MART DEFINITELY K-MART] as a ring tone that would truly own LOL its at another part of the movie but its really funny LOL search it if you haven’t seen it LOL

  5. torch512 says:

    yes because a movie character is the person in real life…

  6. dublaudor says:

    Little Jew

  7. haze325 says:


  8. zadeecool says:

    Damn u need to have alot of patience to be with him…lol

  9. yassin166 says:

    its not a shame to have it

  10. WizardOfHumor1989 says:

    I want to add the screaming as a ringtone!

  11. dngl21 says:

    Course I got Jeopardy at 5! LOL

  12. Snootwaller says:

    These statistics are a little misleading given the footage that precedes it. Very few autistic people are what we call “autistic savants” (or the old expression, “idiot savants”). Most are incapable of normal societal expectations, and have no neat memory tricks to amuse people with. I’m sure the poster of this video understood that, but based by some of the comments I’m not sure all of the viewers do.

  13. jengkiesville says:

    he should be in the who wants to be a millionaire game show

  14. aspie182 says:

    Correction. Autism is not a “brain disorder”. Although neurosurgeons who have any understanding of autism are very thin on the ground at the moment, a supported theory among psychologists who work with the autistic is that autism is a series of variations or mutations in the physical structure of the brain with highly variable results.

    Are you aware of how hated Rain Man is among autistic adults who were children in the 1980s?

  15. bravohhh says:

    tom cruise has autism???

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