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25 Responses to “Re: Are there any ‘normal’ people with autism or Aspergers?”
  1. paradoxical42 says:

    @philsaspiezone Your point is quite correct, but a more apt analogy would be that some computers run on Windows, some on Mac OS, and some even on Lynux.

  2. cjellwood says:

    oh god i hate it when people say i look ok lol

    Have you ever heard of the term ‘bull in a china shop’ ? Well the true meaning of that is to describe people that do not get on well with their environment i.e it does not serve their needs so they screw up. Aspergers, ADHD, Bi-polar bears etc have that problem. Star children

  3. lattlay says:

    i have a question, is anyone in the entire world ” Normal ” ? i don’t think so and im glad because its our own little faults that make us who we are.
    It would be boring in a world full of conformists and “normal” people.

  4. AJCNard says:

    Her face looks pretty nice to me.

    Maybe you are insecure about your own face!

  5. philsaspiezone says:

    To say that a no aspie is NT neurotypical is not an insult these are two diiferent operating systems that the human brain works on like computers some work on WIndows XP and some on WIndows 7.

  6. FTWinnable says:

    Disregard last comment.
    Yeah. I have AS. So when ppl first meet me they never suspect it. But then as they get to know me the first they notice is drumming and meltdowns.

    And as for using NT as an insult. Of course you’d hate it, it’s an insult. No one likes insults.

  7. FTWinnable says:

    What’s the question?

  8. AspergersGirl says:

    Thank you.

  9. scottspeaksfuckinsux says:

    your face looks like an assburger

  10. deans4x4 says:

    First off, I AM an aspie. What i am talking about is people on the spectrum using “NT” to insult others who are AS or question their diagnosis.

  11. anewman1980 says:

    If you see it as an insult, imagine how being labelled AS feels for us. AS says people lack things “normal” people have. NT defines NT’s in terms of *THEIR* deficiencies. NT people do not understand the harm and damage their “normal” behaviour can cause. Telling people they are NT is the first step to getting them to understand their limitations in the world. Sadly arrogance, bigotry and ignorance is the NT way so they may not even read about it – part of their condition sadly.

  12. aspiecannondale says:

    Not sure if it’s cool to say this , Fiona in this vid looks 15. Had no idea AS people look younger, The more I read the more I learn. perhaps it’s true when I moved into my apartment building neighbours thought I was 15 when I was 22

  13. junkman5555 says:

    If you want to take NT as an insult, go right ahead. Your tone about how it “pisses you off” is not appreciated. From an Aspie point of view, NTs are over-emotional, often dishonest and even cruel, and are logically deficient. So yes, after being branded as socially retarded and worse, ‘NT” is pretty tame.

  14. aspiecannondale says:

    Dude you need to chill and take your “complaint” else where, try growing up autistic OR even worse one who’s undiagnosed. “NT” is simply pay back.

  15. deans4x4 says:

    What really pisses me off is when people want to throw the “NT” label at you as an insult.

  16. DrFishNips says:

    People always mistake my autism for me being an asshole or trying to piss them off. For example when I’m playing poker I give more priority to stacking my chips than playing the game people think I’m fuckin around but they don’t get that I HAVE TO STACK THE CHIPS cuz it’ll be at the back of my minding pissing me off the whole game if I don’t.

  17. DrFishNips says:

    Ahah your in the exact same situation I am. People tell me “I don’t think of you as autistic” and crap like that. Its only my family and friends who have known it for a long time and I was accidentally diagnosed a couple of years ago when I visited a psychiatrist for an ADD assessment.

  18. elenacerasela says:

    I can definitely agree with acting much different with different people. My biggest turn off and tanrum starter is an uncaring person. I am not saying that I am perfect myself, but knowing how it upsets me to deal with mean people, I try so hard to be kind…

  19. frements says:

    contiuning from the above autism /apsergers is a part of who you are its got nothing to do with how good looking you are or wether you can get bf gf or mates if anyone dosent see the beuty of youre mind and heart and think shes good looking i dont care at all about her or same for a guy its not worth it iam autistic ( got apsergers ) and they cant accept me for me then i dont want to know hunny you are a great person dont forget that

  20. frements says:

    first of all youre a very beutifull woman i dont look for looks ect the heart and mind is what matters to me so you get no complaints from me if somebody gose out with you because of youre looks and not the full pakage he/she is not worth it you seem really nice

  21. KitchenerBombSquad says:

    well thats good to kno but from my experience u r def the hottest ;P 2 bad ur in new zealand!!! lol

  22. AspergersGirl says:

    Im okay looking. From my experience there are a hell of a lot of beautiful aspergers women out there.

  23. KitchenerBombSquad says:

    not to sound shallow but the question is r there n.e other good lookin ppl wit autism out there other than this girl haha. so far no luck…

  24. gamiezion says:

    yea i hear ya there, got the same thing going myself
    i might join a club or something though, that way theres something to talk about and you also have some time to think before replying, whilst pretending to be doing something =)

  25. AspergersGirl says:

    errr… I’m not Australian.. if that helps

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