Wе *heart* уου, chris. Yου аrе silly. Featuring MC Hammer’s “U Cаח′t Touch Tһіѕ (Autism Remix)”

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25 Responses to “Re: Chris Chan’s Public Announcement”
  1. VueltaAlPasado says:


  2. RealCreatorOfSonichu says:

    @VelLucio and you know, on a universal scale that is actually pretty close

  3. legionofdoom2009 says:

    I think Chris-chan misheard when/if someone called him a fatass.

  4. Laby86 says:

    LOL who the fuck disliked this video? this video is fucking funny as fuck

  5. herbalthaternation says:



  6. SSF280190 says:

    whoever made this is a fucking genius!!!!
    its amazing!

  7. GrayWoIf says:

    I think him and sonichu are gay lovers

  8. Ahseyo says:

    autism DUN DUN DUN DUN…DUN DUN…DUN DUN autism.

  9. VelLucio says:

    Chris’s understanding is not that far away from ordinary people’s… Just about a lightyear or so.

  10. Tehpwnzmean1 says:


  11. SteffersFavourites says:

    I love this xD Chris-Chan is a lol blessing to youtube

  12. TrueDudikov says:

    “I don’t like where this is going.”

  13. TehPenar says:


  14. mechamonster says:

    “The great thing about being CWC isn’t creeping out the human race, it’s showing everyone online that I did.”

  15. Knarkoffer says:

    Hahaha amazing!

  16. mnazzaro001 says:

    he could if he just got a hooker like any other fat greasy nerd would but he’s probably to much of a fucktard to realize that.

  17. 1ZombieNeith says:

    I lol’d at “innocent victim”.

  18. Rayzkevin says:

    nice ass shake.

  19. SlaughterTheFrail says:

    ‘Bad-ass or whatever adjectives something something my middle block of autism

  20. Toasty3D says:

    This was a shit storm from the beginning. ED is totally in-your-face criticism. Chris has been lied to his whole life. Had Chris’ parents (mostly Snorlax) raised his properly, it wouldn’t have mattered what ED said about him. He fucked up going to ED, and now its only getting worse.

  21. yellowlara says:

    I love you for this. <3

  22. AnimuAnimalia says:

    What does Chris say at 0:55

  23. Shavarnarak says:

    Nothing as funny as a faggy homophobe.

  24. ZeSpekov says:

    mp3 plox

  25. evilass334 says:

    i want the mp3 :O

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