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24 Responses to “Re: I’m Autistic! (I)”
  1. MrEriugena says:

    You’re right that AS should be properly diagnosed. Sometimes it is difficult to make the exact diagnosis, since every individual is different and has different traits and a different form of AS or something that resembles it.
    That’s why we speak of the autism-spectrum; on a spectrum are many points and there is a ‘grey area’ between one form of autism and another.

  2. WellSightedGentleman says:


  3. Thanos700 says:

    come on now…. bikini artist hit the nail on the head when she said “there is no defining quality for aspergers“… in the DSMV the only two “defining qualities” are “social impairment” and “intense preoccupations”….. i dont have beef with aspergianstar but i think it was innapropriate for him to say emily doesnt have Aspergers cuz hes not a psychologist

  4. zenangel924 says:

    1.10 well some do respond to anti-depressants but that only aids the axiety issues.

  5. boredstudent says:

    someone I seen with aspergers was in america’s next top model

  6. teresamccann says:

    Furthermore, adult’s haven’t “already learned applied behavior analysis.” I am very happy with your positive outlook on ABA, but I think you are confused about what ABA is. I would be happy to inform, but a post is not the right place. Check out the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) website. They have great definitions.

  7. teresamccann says:

    I agree that ABA is the best way we know of to treat children with ASD. BUT I completely disagree that we cannot treat them with ABA as adults. ABA works at all ages and with all types of people ASD, or “typical” people. Yes the earlier the better! The longer the behavior is established the harder it is to change. That is true of anyone. In my opinion, we can all use a little ABA in our lives!

  8. funderkitty07 says:

    AS is definitely way over diagnosed now, especially in the states and I can personally vouch for that. Shrinks diagnose now based on a very limited criteria so a quota can be fulfilled. My theory is that she was misdiagnosed with AS and after she was, she played up the AS stereotype. I’ve seen it happen to people misdiagnosed with AS, OCD, and ADD. It’s really quite stupid but they feel inclined to play the part.

  9. thatsthewayitgoes09 says:

    You are Jim Morrison….. reborn. By the sound of it you’re not doing too bad in the ladies department. I want a job in that department for obvious reasons LOL.

  10. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    I would never condem the girl for doing what she does just the fact that her videos are in stark contrast to her others. I think that Doctors are overdiagnosing now. I don’t buy into this bull about degrees of AS. I think that AS is AS. You should meet at least 90% of all the criteria to qualify. If you do not then you have PDD.

  11. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    LOL thanks thatstheway

  12. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Thank you Omai I will welcome any feedback off people

  13. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Thanks its over a 1200 now so I am pleased he he

  14. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Probably because it is true Jake LOL

  15. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Before you deleted it 786 you said something about an online quiz designed by an Aspie do you have the link. My ex has met Donna Williams in person in Wales, she was very impressed with her. I hear what you are saying about acting the part. I could act to a certain extent NT but later on it was soon apparant I was different. Also I had a massive nervous breakdown trying to act a certain way for too long and it was exhausting.

  16. 786Khadija says:

    Have you read “Nobody Nowhere” by Donna Williams ? She is Autistic but masked it as a child by playing characters when in public, almost like a Dissociative identity disorder.

    Some Aspies use acting like NT’s as a way to get buy in the NT culture. There are some books and videos about how to use drama with AS kids to help them assimilate.

    Personaly I don’t want to be a part of the NT collective but if you do it could work ? About bikini girl, I don’t know and wont pass judgment.

  17. jakerockznoodles says:

    “A cheerleader on speed”

    That made me laugh hard, I have no idea why :D

  18. B3Stealth says:

    i think they heard you brother…i see 306 views right now

  19. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    48 bloody hours and it has not even gone up one view. I know others have looked and its getting annoying. I know more than 300 have viewed this video. Anyone else have this same problem.

  20. 0mai says:

    I really enjoy hearing what you have to say about things.

  21. thatsthewayitgoes09 says:

    ahhhhhhh I think you’re on to something.

  22. castaway says:

    Also, I have to agree after watching that video, that the girl may be talented, and may have some kind of condition, but I don’t think it’s aspergers. I have aspergers and I have met other people with aspergers, and none of them are as animated as her. IF she was really diagnosed with AS, I would challenge that diagnosis and say she needs to be retested. The moving eyebrows, the changing facial expressions, I have NEVER seen an AS behave this way.

  23. castaway says:

    some of the symptoms can be treated. I take an anxiety medication because people and especially crowds are very very overwhelming to me.

  24. jwarrior343 says:

    5 stars, well said :)

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