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25 Responses to “Re: “Neurotypicals andthe Myth of Aspergers” (II)”
  1. hauptmanjoedi5 says:

    If you really believe that Asperger’s is a “myth”, then don’t be surprised if people don’t want to be with you…read a book on Asperger’s…

    Best to you, either way!

  2. JPandMcG says:


  3. rpaslux says:

    then, “leveling” ( as I interprete ) means that some people are on the low part of the stairs and others are higher. It’s like an hierarchy. That is the reason why people do IQ and EQ tests : to evaluate, by numbers, how intelectually or emotionally smart they are. I don’t really believe numbers can make that much of a difference, “but that’s another story” …

  4. AspieWorld says:

    Some people act like workers and other behave just like tools, to be used by the workers. Life can really be hard for some to fit in, even if you go to social skills classes.

  5. josexlvi2 says:

    i think that we are kind of weird just because we are less people -but if we have success in life then we are better ( like geneous scientifics or someone thats makes a good difference to the world) ( not easy)

  6. maddi62 says:

    Some good points. However. It is possible to be too damn smart. The majority of society, the normal people, are only smart enough to know that it is not good to spend too much time on your own. You end up gazing into your naval and disappearing up your own arse. As it were. Get out and meet people. you’ll click with some of them

  7. lucybean975 says:

    well–i’m so sorry to hear that history is being “taught” in the same dismal way to your generation as well. gratitude to all who want to know “why.” i think it’s really the most essential question of all.

  8. shrinkwrap says:

    I agree with you on a lot of points you brought up. It’s a shame that what a society deems as strange would be diagnosed as a disorder. These things that are “strange” give humans as a species a beautiful richness . If we weren’t such strange creatures we would all be the same person!

  9. Bolender says:

    It is not just a word. You were expressing a concept.

  10. JessTerez says:

    “level” being just a word…which would you prefer?

  11. Bolender says:

    What does evolution have to do with levels?

  12. camurflage says:

    that takes strength to go against the “flow”, even though you know about a real flow which is more natural. all these people telling you what to do are trying to help but really they are hurting you because they don’t understand. I bet as you grow you will be helping them instead. thank you

  13. PinkPunkyKat says:

    I know what you mean about being forced to do things you don’t understand. School never made sence to me and I hated it. I could not wait until I turned sixteen so I could drop out. Which I did.

  14. PinkPunkyKat says:

    I hate that term “aspie” so so much. I has AS and I still hate it.

  15. camurflage says:

    yes, I think that’s possible, that’s what I was getting at. thank you

  16. JessTerez says:

    You, bakiniartist and the children with whom I work (yes, I’m a therapist) I see a group of people who may well understand more than the “rest of us”.

  17. JessTerez says:

    Is it possible that people with Aspergers are simply functioning on a higher level? Is it possible that evolution is rearing its head? Could we, as a human race, be trying to evolve into a more intelligent being. The “atypical” behavior and “social ineptness” is it just a contradiction to the norm? Making sense of the things that schools teach and society preaches, is that a “disorder”?

  18. cosmanthony21 says:

    auto-sub. lol, good thoughts man.

  19. camurflage says:

    Wow, do you mean it’s physically heavier from developing more? I wonder if that affects physical balance?!

  20. camurflage says:

    Interesting, good point. I never thought about it in those terms, the lopsided-ness veering on too much left-brain.

  21. CityzenJane says:

    Hmmm that sounds interesting – where did you come across that theory?

  22. bobthemagiccamel says:

    Sorry, making myself clear isn’t my best talent.

    In short, because of how knowledge-centric the education system is; the left side (Which controls logic etc) of the brain tends to develop at a greater rate than the right (Which controls creativity etc), to the extent that it is significantly heavier.

  23. CityzenJane says:


  24. bobthemagiccamel says:

    Because of the weighting of education towards knowledge, somebody who comes out of a childhood of schooling with have a brain for which the left-side is significantly heavier than the right.

    So what you’re saying is definitely true.

  25. CityzenJane says:

    I think there is a lot of truth in what you are saying… a relative free creture gets stuffed in an often higly regimented system and is expected to conform quickly or be labelled. If we had a school system that was about creating thinkers and creators we would do it much differently I think. Instead we have a school system for creating service job workers for most part.

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