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12 Responses to “Re: some rdi observations for fatakw”
  1. fatakw says:

    i used your suggestions yesterday when Henry wanted some book time – and they worked great. thanks!

  2. phieq says:

    … and act out some of the fun things in the book. Also try to get him to request for the books – I WANT THAT ONE…READ, PLEASE etc.
    Good luck – the more creative you are the more fun he will have.

  3. phieq says:

    …at first just sit next to him and then slowly start interacting (like Phil suggested). Also work to spread his interests from the books to other areas. Eg. Google some of the characters from the books together on the computer…

  4. phieq says:

    we found that putting things away was not always successful (- that Lewis would just find other things to do on his own) But if you DO then only take them out when you look at them together…

  5. londonbaires says:

    Hey…aren’t you going to be up to your elbows in all kinds of baby ‘dirt’ soon anyway?! One more thing. the way I wrote it, sounds like it worked straight away. It didn’t. BUT it has been a consistent favourite activity for some months, and I think it had a positive influence outside of the activity, so it’s worth persevering.

  6. fatakw says:

    hey..that’s a great idea. i’m going to try that out tomorrow. of course, i may have to use an abridged version that doesn’t require touching dirty little boy feet – kinda gross! thanks for posting – we are always looking for new things to do and any advice is always welcome :)

  7. londonbaires says:

    When/ If the child child is requesting, still make sure you remain in control overall by moving hands unexpectantly sometimes. Another challenge is to move hands at the last second, so the child knows that keeping focus results in getting pushed, turning away doesn’t.

  8. londonbaires says:

    At first, keep hands level with each other for ease but when this is successful, challenge child by puting one hand high / other hand low, one hand central / other out wide etc. Stops it becoming predictable

  9. londonbaires says:

    Next, vary the position of hands so child has to concentrate and interact to get a push. Add in language. ‘Hands together’..’Hands wide’..’Hand high’. Reward with free pushes if child requests using your language.

  10. londonbaires says:

    A swing activity I found works great with my daughter. Hands and knees in front of child. Push child by soles of feet only. Wait for feet to come out to meet your hands to get another push. A while after succes, move hands slightly so that child has to adjust feet to get pushed. Celebrate!!!

  11. TheCommanders says:

    at first you could look at the books together very quickly (real quick, like excitedly say the name of the book, open it to one page and say point and say the name of the character and give it to him to put in a stack) then say ‘lets clean up’ and non verbally have him hand you the books.
    hmmm, i think i will do a video response…get across what i mean better.

  12. TheCommanders says:

    Thanks for the kind words and i think that a lot of parents struggle with this part of rdi. i wonder how he would respond to using his books as tools. like have a pile of his books and you hand him the book and he puts it away.

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