Rebecca Estepp, tһе national manager οf Talk аbουt Curing Autism

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25 Responses to “Rebecca Estepp on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 1/3: Curing Autism”
  1. AfroSchmuck says:

    That bitch is Irish, how’s that “JewishTwister?” Never mind her account is closed…

  2. neofaustian says:

    I gather that you don’t like men.

  3. macanazo13 says:

    Please see my video on Oscar, an autistic boy who was beaten by an unhinged Chicago Police Officer. we need everyone’s support.

  4. mummyfunk says:

    ‘won’t’ means something that you can’t do in the future, not something you did in the past.

  5. JaalaJ says:

    Oh, and I did not try to convince you of anything whatsoever so that also makes no sense. Simply another silly comment that doesn’t actually mean anything no matter which way you look at it. It could be said that you’re in the game of making things up. Nice.

  6. JaalaJ says:

    If you think they’re silly, and you think there is no authenticity to anything that is fine. You are free to believe in whatever you like. What’s that have to do with what is going on here? With nothing else to say, you sniffed around for something that you didn’t like. And you say that Alex has no integrity? Your reply to AutismEpidemic speaks volumes. We are used to people like you commenting on Alex’s videos. We have a bit of a laugh.

  7. mummyfunk says:


  8. mummyfunk says:

    no, only up her cunt

  9. mummyfunk says:

    well, you have all these silly unverifiable conspiracy videos, so i get the impression you believe things that have an emotional impact onyou, regardless of their authenticity.
    And as for being a pom, well i prefer to describe myself as an Earthling.
    And no you won’t convince me with your ‘
    proof’ of these silly childish conspiracy theories.

    peace blah blah blah.

  10. JaalaJ says:

    What does my profile have to do with my judgement? That makes no sense. And, whose judgement is acceptable? Yours? Mine? Please explain your silly comment. Thanks. Oh, you’re a pom. That explains it all!

  11. JaalaJ says:

    A little from column A, a little from column B.

  12. mummyfunk says:

    And judging from your profile, you have no judgement skills.

  13. mummyfunk says:

    first time any ones said that to me.

    Is that an attack on my opinion of this guy, or a general concern abouts me skills in da grammar?

  14. JaalaJ says:

    And you have no grammar skills.

  15. AutismEpidemic says:

    WARNING: HPV (human papillomavirus) is the same thing as genital warts. Do you want to put THAT in your daughters blood stream?

  16. guysmyly says:

    Do you think this is his 1st show on autism?

    The guy has been citing sources for his conclusions for the past decade or more. Do a tiny bit of research for yourself and go to prisonplanet or 1 of his other websites and look into it.

    Do you really think he’s pulling what he says out of his ass?

    His body of work is pretty extensive,he could probably spend the next 3 hours citing sources.

  17. Aryaba says:

    This is often true in todays media. I guess they leave it up to the individual to research these things. However, in all honesty, sources (when available) should be cited. In both the alternative media but especially the mainstream media.

  18. mummyfunk says:

    so why doesn’t he show us the credible sources. A decent journalist will research the why, what’s, when’s, where, who and how.. This guy starts at a conclusion, then just expresses it, without any real proof from credible sources.

  19. TheDudeJeff says:

    such an innocent voice… these evil f-tards want to kill all of us… WAKE UP… FIND YOUR SOUL… LETS KICK SOME BUTT! WHAT THE F ARE WE WAITING FOR?

  20. MurkN101 says:

    The information is available out there you just have to search for it. You shouldn’t critize someone who has the intelligence to search for the answers himself.

  21. rblwoaclu says:

    quick silver Death and illness from mercury poisoning have long been recognized. The expression “mad as a hatter” came from the occupational hazard of hat makers in the 1800′s who were poisoned by mercury salts used in the making of felt hats. Consumption of food contaminated with methyl mercury in the second half of the 20th century resulted in death or illness for thousands of people around Minimata Bay, Japan.

  22. theflanman420420 says:

    your moms a hooker

  23. mummyfunk says:

    this guys got no journalistic integrity

  24. eslake says:

    not quite “on the head.”
    It isn’t capitalism gone mad. Capitalism is a free trade in goods and services among people who between themselves agree on the value on each side.

    These vaccines aren’t being Sold to anyone, they were sold to the state/hospital/etc and are being effectively Forced on children to supposedly prevent illness. But the newer vaccines are proving to Cause more illness (and more serious illnesses) than they are supposed to prevent.

  25. asmknshorty420 says:

    thats the way it is here in the US, except we have to have ours before we can attend the 6th grade in public schools… and that started before i was in middle school, and im 23 now.

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