Rebecca Estepp, tһе national manager οf Talk аbουt Curing Autism

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25 Responses to “Rebecca Estepp on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 2/3: Curing Autism”
  1. ZoeyK86 says:

    Some Autistic kids are more smarter then Neurologically Typical kids!

  2. StoneOz says:

    would love to see you tell ppl about water its pure healing properties if restructered with positive music or love , our cells are self healing,. sugar & toxins & flouride r stripping our health away ,. pls research this Alex~ Much Love n Peace evn to those full of hate~ <3

  3. enmity666 says:

    This is definitely the news shoe to watch!!! Jones is the real deal!

  4. karena222fu says:

    your a fucking sicko!!

  5. karena222fu says:

    u kno that if we all get together on this we can stop the global elite, it has to b done!!!! doesn’t anybody realize that canada and mexico are now considered with the usa? they helped out usa with general motors now it is govt, motors wake up you morons i’m out warning ppl and sharing video infos, stuffing flyers in windshields and the more ppl thatget involved with waking ppl up we will overcome!!

  6. neofaustian says:

    Scurvy is vitamin c deficiency, but polio is a virus I don’t see how consuming vitamin c could cure or prevent polio.

  7. AutismEpidemic says:

    WARNING: HPV (human papillomavirus) is the same thing as genital warts!

  8. guysmyly says:

    I don’t know about that Shawn,I bet she has a nice big booty……… And imagine Alex’s big titties on her…..sweet meat.

    Just kidding Alex,you’re still as buff as ‘America Destroyed by Design’ days!

  9. TheDudeJeff says:

    Polio was a vitamin c deficiency… Eat a freaking orange… you don’t need to take a shot… *sigh* she’s smart and cute but still mislead on some areas.

  10. spydat3k says:

    man, alex interviews some naive people.
    she cant help it, one day it will be more clear to her.

  11. Zodiac289 says:

    This Alex Jones is such a HUNK!!!

  12. dynamo400 says:

    Fully vaccinated eh just like an animal just to get into school,, theyll be causing more problems than fixes.
    Long term it will come to prove that theyve purposefully muddled peoples minds and bodies. Its a sick agenda and theyre determined to see it through to the grissly end.

  13. Roxxoxo says:

    Gardasil to go to school??!! I favorited a video that described polio as a heavy metal reaction & not a virus; you can get polio even tho you had the vaccine–they just call it meningitis instead of polio! My newspaper had an article about an epidemic of polio due to the polio vaccine!

  14. grussom says:

    not the legit ones

  15. NEPatriot says:


  16. ShawnHatesNwo says:

    I bet she doesn’t look all that good naked. Not that is should matter for the point but I am just throwing it out there.

  17. luke666808g says:

    no, she doesn’t.

  18. objectivist says:

    You get to go to the Island. Yee Haw!

  19. EvilZeroSc says:

    yeah, i agree…the tea party needed a voice like his…not Fox NEWS

  20. sidsixpoint7 says:

    Vaccines are the population control lottery.
    Always have been. At the top they may say “the only thing worse than what we have to do is if we didnt do it”
    They are also totally insane. Population wouldnt be out of control, if the populations and geographical factors were not manipulated. Much like an economy. How sad, and how very evil, as I beleive myself a victim of a form of this poisoning.

  21. maeday666 says:

    She sounds like a moron.

  22. asperin says:

    Cure the “normal” people to accept people with Autism first.

  23. darrenmcnulty says:

    No I don’t and I doubt AJ does. Dr. Kevin Strauss, MD, a pediatrician at the CSC apparently does. About 3 of every 4 Amish children ARE vaccinated.

  24. Daltonius1 says:

    I’ve seen it, “Heil Hitler’s new world order”

  25. StratusBlue says:

    The Illuminati put people who cannot face the horror in positions to spread that level of blindness. Victims of vaccines that are led to victims that cannot face the horror are exactly how the horror is maintained. She should have a lot more than a gut feeling.

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