Rebecca Estepp, tһе national manager οf Talk аbουt Curing Autism

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23 Responses to “Rebecca Estepp on Alex Jones Tv (HD) 3/3: Curing Autism”
  1. StoneOz says:

    triggering,. aka Changing ur DNA by trojan horse type bugs in GM Foods,. no wonder y ppl allergic to such stupid things these days..

  2. Boo5552 says:

    and good that he did, because he’s bringing the topic back into reality

  3. escobari says:

    he cut off the “nice lady” because she wasnt saying what he wanted and wanted rant on himself

  4. frickadele says:

    Genetically Modified Organisms.
    Genetically modified…,.
    but with what?

    Scientists love playing with their information.

    They’re just too stupid to know….
    that Dr. Frankenstein…
    is going to get killed by the monster….
    they created.

    Scientists are such stupid geeks.

    BTW: These loosers smile excessively.
    Like Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

  5. AllahConsciousness says:

    How could you misspell the name Alex Jones? Could an english name be any easier to spell?

  6. jimmybrite says:

    Your name isn’t Alexander Emerick Jones? I bet it’s Emerich…! And I heard Jenny Mccarthy’s child recovered somewhat? Am I wrong?

  7. haychex says:

    lol i could just feel alex biting his tounge until she got off the line…

  8. EvilZeroSc says:

    Its a good thing your doing Alex. More power to ya.

  9. phnixlady says:

    I work with Autistic children. I love their empathy and intuition, I mourn their loss of communication. We are still one. love,p

  10. jaba987 says:

    22nd, 2AM EST – 263 views

  11. jaba987 says:


  12. jeffuehrer says:

    alex is respectful of the compartmentalized individuals who are aware of the surface of the rabbit hole but are completely unaware of how deep it goes. kudos to the blabbermouth of truth!

  13. myYTsecretplaces says:

    hello ;}
    great work

  14. itzzcj says:

    lol i like how as soon as she is off the phone he starts sayin some stuff he didnt say to her while she was on the phone. Alex i love your show, keep up the good work!!!

  15. DragonWaveMaster says:

    That poor woman just isn’t ready to deal with what’s really going on, but I can understand. No one wants to believe that the people who you’ve trusted all of your life, and you thought cared about you, in reality want you to suffer and die in terrible ways.

  16. darrenmcnulty says:


    We’ve heard AJ and Jenny McCarthy’s cloned double (Larry King analogy and all). Time to understand things from an autistic’s perspective….


  17. StratusBlue says:

    tragic. inject kissinger.

  18. StOnEz617 says:


  19. anxietydeath says:

    Alex Jones kicks fuck’n ass!

  20. WESHMAN50s says:

    im at the bottom so it must b me lol

  21. WESHMAN50s says:

    wesh wesh

  22. mrtvman says:


  23. alexw351 says:

    1st wooot

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