“Red Dead Redemption Tһе ear-pierceing screams οf grief Yου һаνе autism” – A man wіtһ aspergers tһіѕ wаѕ tοο ɡοοԁ tο pass up recording myg0t.com

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25 Responses to “Red Dead Redemption Griefing – Red Dead Asshole @myg0t.com”
  1. LightintheMonochrome says:

    @ 2:42 The extent of his vocabulary.

  2. RobvioM says:

    your probably a bitch in real life. coward

  3. Starsky5O says:

    Dude this is a dick move, if someone kills me in free roam I don’t really get mad, I just get mad when someone kills me during a gang hideout, that’s just not cool man, and yeah man, your a bitch

  4. nelzillaz says:

    hahahaha I JUST got this game today and this is exactly what I did all day out of pure boredom, its funny pissing people off haha

  5. spasticColon87 says:

    I love you in a completely homosexual way.

  6. burnthiscorpse says:

    This is hilarious!!! I have never seen so many whining bitch babies as in Red Dead. If someone is griefing you, go to another free roam. Or use that pussy “kick” feature. Otherwise, shoot back or shut up. People that “mod” or “lag” ….should be kicked IMHO….but people that are just plain skilled or lucky, and they are killing you…..deal with it or leave. Go play in the new “friendly” mode.

  7. TheHomieStar says:


  8. fusekazuki1 says:

    @BootySweat4491 Oh, alright. So just because your friends agree with you means that everybody else who can also make headshots agrees too? Yeah, get out. You make such asinine claims it isn’t even funny. Once again, you and your friends =/= the rest of the community.

  9. BootySweat4491 says:


    Uh, yea, my friends and I play this game all the time. Look, I’m done with this. Headshots are easy even on expert. If you think they’re not, you suck. End of story, good day, hasta luego.

  10. fusekazuki1 says:

    @BootySweat4491 As I said before I was making fun of him because he had used those inane words first. Excuse me for using it against him. And did you really just make a subjective statement and claim that it was factual? Let me ask this, have you ever played against or with people who knew what they were doing in this case? Have they stated themselves that headshots are easy? Or are you just pulling these ‘facts’ out of your ass because you have more experience than most people you play against?

  11. BootySweat4491 says:


    So I’m arrogant now? Even though you’re the one who was originally talking about the “big boys” of RDR, implying yourself to be one of them. You fail to realize that everyone in the RDR community who is any good realizes that the game is easy as balls. Argue all you want. The fact is that headshots are simple even on expert, not just for me, but for anyone who knows what the heck he’s doing.

  12. fusekazuki1 says:

    @BootySweat4491 Just because you’re accurate enough on expert difficulty doesn’t mean that everybody else is. You’re just making yourself sound arrogant right now. People who cannot get headshots WITH auto-aim (something that gives the user 99% accuracy) are horrible. The same DOES NOT apply with expert difficulty because you need to rely on your own accuracy level and skill, etc etc. Which everybody is different in these cases. You =/= everybody else, which you fail to realize.

  13. sheepshitonastick says:

    lol add send me your psn by private message i want to grief with you LOL LMAO i love it wen they get realy pissed off it adds more playing time to a game
    thats what they should also rate on ign how fun it is to grief hmmm…

  14. ravinginfected says:

    @fusekazuki1 you sound mad

  15. Germanboy567 says:


  16. NinjaZ3R0 says:

    We need to buy you a capture card.

  17. BootySweat4491 says:


    What I’m saying is anyone who can’t switch to expert and still do well is simply terrible because even on its hardest setting this game is cake, especially in MP. I never said the game aims for you, I said it’s easy to DRAG THE RETICULE YOURSELF and get headshots. The proof is in the pudding. And I saw your point from the start, you just had this arrogant air about you that I felt compelled to challenge. :P

  18. fusekazuki1 says:

    @BootySweat4491 So with that logic, anyone can switch from casual/normal to expert and still make headshots at least 50% of the time? WRONG. The game DOES NOT aim for you on this difficulty setting, so that refutes what you previously said. Stgggs pictures himself on the high-horse because he is “pwning” a bunch of noobs using auto-aim. I challenged him to try to use expert aiming and see if he does just as good. Do you see my point now?

  19. BootySweat4491 says:


    Umm, I have and do play on expert. And no, it still takes no skill. All you have to do is drag the reticule without ever moving it and you’ll get headshots every time. Don’t argue with me saying this game is hard. I’ll just laugh.

  20. fusekazuki1 says:

    @BootySweat4491 Not necessarily, I was only saying those terms because he was doing the same thing. It was an attempt to make fun of him. That is beyond the point, though. If anyone here thinks that they’re all high and mighty, it is Stgggs. You cannot argue that expert targeting mode takes a lot more skill than casual/normal. Unless you have actually played on expert, don’t try to start a discussion.

  21. fusekazuki1 says:

    @TheoryGamingz Wow, you obviously didn’t understand the point I was trying to make. I don’t even know why you brought up something so irrelevant, so I’m not even going to bother typing anything else.

  22. TheoryGamingz says:

    @fusekazuki1 i think you dont understand Stgggs is a computer player they are better at shooter games then any console player trust me dude keyboard and mouse players will own and stick players anyday of the week so pls CALLLLL,MMMMMMMMM DOOOOOOOOWWWWWNNNNN scrub

  23. hubris777 says:

    @fusekazuki1 Or by simply being PATIENT and waiting until n00bish would-be griefers advance forwad with zero obstacles in between themselves and their victims. It makes me laugh how so many of them think that just because they have a sniper rifle that makes them invincible.

  24. Barbel1th says:

    Actually, this dipshit is using an AIM BOT to help him hit these people at impossible distances and through cover.

    So he isn’t using casual aim to grief people, HE’S FUCKING CHEATING.

    So, stggs, if you really did this and aren’t taking credit for something someone else did, you are a complete douchebag.

    And that’s not hate, that’s fact.

  25. SniperNightOwl says:

    “i respawned and he already killed me!”

    poor guy must of been new to RDR’s online

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