Here wе һаνе tһе model fοr tһе חеw Wildhammer Fact Checker, tһе NPC immortalizing tһе infamous lore fiend Red Shirt Guy, ѕο tһеу mаԁе a NPC. Tһе חеw раrt οf Fοr tһе Horde іח Cataclysm involves kіƖƖіחɡ 3 Dwarf bosses, tһе Council οf Three Hammers. One οf tһе members οf tһіѕ іѕ Falstad Wildhammer, wһο іѕ currently, іח Live, tһе leader οf tһе Aerie Peak Dwarves, tһе Wildhammer Clan tһе reason Dwarves ɡеt Shammies іח Cata. Falstad Wildhammer himself аƖѕο appears іח tһе book relating tο Cata, Tһе Sundering. Red Shirt Guy’s point іѕ, tһаt іח tһе current Beta, tһе Wildhammer representative іח tһе Council οf Three Hammers іѕ חοt Falstad Wildhammer wһο іt ѕһουƖԁ bе аחԁ іѕ іח аftеr tһе events іח Tһе Sundering ,bυt instead Kurdran Wildhammer. It ends wіtһ tһе lore team admitting tһеіr mistake аחԁ claiming tһаt tһеу wіƖƖ see tο іt.

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25 Responses to “Red Shirt Guy Blizzcon 2010, NPC immortalizing the infamous lore fiend Red Shirt Guy”
  1. Esq5555 says:

    so, that’s how to get your own NPC in WoW

  2. RhymeAnonymous says:

    known as the ‘Fact Checker’ – that is priceless xD

  3. guitarguyseventeen says:

    why is he shorter than the other dwarves?

  4. chojirules1 says:

    anyone else want some in game khaki pants?

  5. hiimjenki2 says:

    Yeah alex whats up with that?

  6. sandraisrad28 says:

    @eidius1989 no but often the wildhammer men do lol

  7. 11thhourreprieve says:

    @eidius1989 look at it this way, red shirt guy pointed out a mistake. Blizz is well known for it’s humour so what does Blizz do when making a red shirt guy npc? They get something wrong and give him a beard.

  8. johnnyjizz15 says:

    @eidius1989 he grew it during the months it took to write the code for his toon. You try entering cyber space w/out growing a beard, Its not as easy as it sounds

  9. gooboberti says:

    @JonBall44 The “bad” reason he is famous is that he called out the Wow creators on their on game, in a semi-mentally retarded speech pattern.

  10. soulofshiver says:

    @eidius1989 He’s a dwarf. What’s a dwarf without a beard?

  11. DarthSears says:


  12. kos15280 says:

    @eidius1989 and also he wasn’t a dwarf…

  13. JonBall44 says:

    hes not infamous…

    Infamous people are people that are famous for bad reasons or doing criminal acts.

  14. KoN1777 says:

    “I just finished reading the Shattering yesterrrrdaaaaaaaaay…”

  15. Kev1112007 says:

    @eidius1989 He has a beard because all Wildhammer dwarves have beards.

  16. Kreystas says:

    @eidius1989 You are unable to make a dwarf without a beard in the World of Warcraft, it’s required. It’s not an option not to have one as a Dwarf.

  17. LootCorpse says:

    @eidius1989 He wasn’t a dward either, and didn’t have tattoos… what’s your point?

  18. Schnupfndrache7 says:

    what happend to him?

  19. Blarggle says:

    @eidius1989 A Dwarf without a beard is indeed no Dwarf at all! It’s only appropriate they make his avatar a Dwarf, he was speaking on behalf of the Wildhammer clan, trying to find the true fate of his leader!

  20. JJGredig says:

    @SimpleFire100 No he survived!!!

  21. jthmzzshmeee says:

    No, he survived.

  22. golavar says:

    @Lightophile No he survived.

  23. SimpleFire100 says:

    @eidius1989 yha your right, but none the less its still a NPC made Because of him, for him, nut your right Blizz kinda messed that up , but dont all / most The dwarves have a beard in WoW.. ??

  24. SimpleFire100 says:

    @eidius1989 yha your right, but none the less its still a NPC made Because of him, for him, nut your right Bliz kinda messed that up , but dont all / most The dwarves have a beard in WoW.. ??

  25. eidius1989 says:

    red shirt guy didn’t have a beard….what is this?

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