Mу opinion οח tһе Autism speaks video. Thanks fοr listening. Tһіѕ іѕ supposed tο bе a video response tο www.youtube.com Bυt tһеу еіtһеr havent approved іt уеt οr aren’t going tο.

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25 Responses to “Reply to Autism Speaks “I am Autism” video”
  1. FatalFist says:

    @AspergersGirl How could they not, it’s nice to listen to. :P

  2. AbelineMusic says:

    Your videos are incredible. I learned a lot on Aspergers because of these. I wish you well and hope that your condition improves.

  3. heroicphoenix000 says:

    I’ve got aspergers as well. I’ve been through thick & thin, and I’ve came out okay. I’ve still got a way to go to making the life I want, but I won’t give up. Make sure you don’t either, ok?

  4. AspergersGirl says:


    Yes, it’s horrible and bigoted.

  5. AspergersGirl says:

    @renaissanceknight And what on earth is ASAN?

  6. AspergersGirl says:


    Don’t watch it then, its not exactly in your face like Autism Speaks one is. No-one from Autism speaks has contacted me. I don’t know what on earth you’re talking about.

    Also, nice to know people involved with Autsim speaks are calling people WITH ASPERGERS “SCUM”.

  7. AspergersGirl says:


    Actually, If I wasn’t heavily medicated, no, I could not work. I don’t see how not having asperger or any type of autism very badly makes me scum.

  8. AspergersGirl says:


    Thankyou! Most people don’t like it

  9. sErgEantaEgis12 says:

    You have a cute accent!

  10. anotherutterance says:

    @renaissanceknight aspergers is on the autistic spectrum. Give it a rest.

  11. anotherutterance says:

    @renaissanceknight shut the fuck up.

    changing your attitude might help you get a job.

  12. renaissanceknight says:

    You are the scum! I am a 45 yr old man who truly has AutismAspergers is not Autism… I am on Social Security and cannot work. Can You?

  13. renaissanceknight says:

    You are not Autistic —- You are Aspergers
    I am a 45 yr old Autistic man that finds your ASAN campaign is offensive. My Stop lying to everyone and talk to Autism Speaks in the Summit Meeting that we have contacted you about…
    ASAN and all Aspergers groups will not even talk to us…….
    This looks bad to the public!!!!!!!
    We need to come together if you want to continue to call yourself Aspergers/Autistic….

  14. DubmasterBlank says:

    I was treated like a criminal going thru high school because of autism. I wasent allowed to do any thing, they called me and the others “flight risks”

  15. SSJkiller says:

    @ihall4 Which would be a good thing. we’re a stain on the gene pool.

  16. dudeman9001 says:

    fuck u get down and suck me good

  17. onibakka says:

    ty for this vid i have add and autism and i get the same thing like im inferior when in fact im more creative and smarter then most people in my field

  18. salm37 says:

    My son is anti-social…but not weird …he just does not have friends but he loves his Mom and dad….we are divorced and he is an only child….I don’t consider him autistic but …a late bloomer for sure ….he is very good at school but just is not socially adjusted yet…what you think?

  19. nxer says:

    Aspergers, like autism, is a developmental disability that is neurological in nature. Like the non-autistic population, autistic people and Aspergers people have a wide variety of personalities. No case is the same. Aspergers is thought to be a form of Autism, because it shares most of the traits, except for speech delay. They tend to be more verbal, as well. But, you got that right, socializing can be very tough. Getting that “emotion connection” I hear so much about is near impossible…

  20. webalex6 says:

    It irritates me that all the Curebie groups think low functioning kids are somehow stupid. There’re plenty of amazing books (and not short ones either) written by severly autistic children and teens, including some amazing poetry. For example, “How Can I Talk If My Lips Don’t Move?” by an autistic Indian boy named Raj.

  21. webalex6 says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!! Down with the Curebies!

  22. webalex6 says:

    First comment I made was along the lines of “Are you guys f***ing SICK?” This is disturbing. I am Austism, and I am not the enemy.

  23. webalex6 says:

    I’m a female Aspie too. I’ve worked really hard to remember to smile at people and such, but I can see on video I have less facial expression than my peers, and my mom tells me my movements and expressions appear somewhat “wooden”. However, I’ve noticed that communicating with other aspies is so easy compared to talking to neurotypicals that maybe that’s how you guys feel talking to each other. It kinda felt like the difference between talking in English and trying to talk in Russian.

  24. zcm007attack says:

    @nxer It is a shame many people don’t understand that aspergers is connected to the opposite of retardation.
    It comes from complete ignorance.

  25. Rottfan105 says:

    “People with Asperger’s Syndrome have a learning disability when it comes to social issues.” “A person with dyslexia can learn to read” “The same is true for someone with Asperger’s Syndrome when it comes to socializing. ”

    Yeah give that a try, wish it was that simple but unfortunately it isn’t and it isn’t a learning disibility that’s the difference between the autistic and aspie. Autistic has learning disibilitys and aspies don’t.

    Clearly you don’t have autism or aspergers. Give us peace.

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