Tһіѕ video іѕ a response tο Rudytutti’s video wherein ѕһе ԁеѕсrіbеѕ having bееח tοƖԁ bу ѕοmе wіtһ Asperger’s, “уου don’t һаνе asperger’s”. Rudytutti іѕ self-diagnosed wіtһ Asperger’s. Iח mοѕt οf tһе Asperger Community self-diagnosis іѕ respected, especially аmοחɡ women wһο know һοw hard іt іѕ οr саח bе tο ɡеt аח ассυrаtе diagnosis, especially іח adulthood.

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11 Responses to “Response To “You Don’t Have Asperger’s””
  1. nanstube says:

    It’s a relief to hear such a succinct argument for more openness and understanding within the academic and public community.

    It also feels that women are often overlooked within society. All studies and references in nearly everything are male heavy.

    Thanks for the video. Look forward to viewing more.

  2. paintermill says:

    excellent vid, AJ. thanks. :)

  3. moyga says:

    Most people confuse Aspergers with High Functioning Autism, they are significantly different.
    Most of the people you’ll encounter who will say you dont have Aspergers, are confusing the two.
    Aspergers is much more complicated, and much less obvious to onlookers despite being very debilitating and alienating under the covers of external social portrayal.

  4. nervousneuron says:

    Nice video, and I agree about other people not knowing other people’s realities. So many people just play arm chair psychologists even here on youtube. I’ve personally had people have mini debates on my videos on whether I have aspergers or not. It’s silly considering how actual professionals who do a full evaluation find it hard to diagnose it compared to people who’ve seen one or two videos of yours.

  5. scottishflame1 says:

    i just got diagnosed yesterday at the age of 24

  6. robm1966 says:

    are a mozart and the whale fan?

  7. Ashenicky2009 says:

    i feel the same way, i am sure that i have aspergers but every one dont believe me (except my aspie friends) and iw ish that i would get the diagnosis already. You are totaly right about the mle aspies and female aspies being diffrent in apergers, cause i can make eye contact every other time, most of the time i cant but i can do it, (hardly)…. well, nice video and interesting point :)

  8. peggy1au says:

    I think my brother has aspergers. Its taken me 43 years to find out. Do you know of any good links for aspergers in Adullts? Many thanks.

  9. sybeve says:

    Wow, this is an excellent commentary. (I’m an Aspie who has yet to be officially diagnosed; learned this last year when seeking info as to why my grandson always rocked!) I think my 16 yr old son may also have AS. I took online tests and have read extensively. Thanks for this terrific video & I’m going to check out your website & the other website on video you responded to. No kidding why would someone “want” this or just say they had it when they don’t!?

  10. EikC says:

    The thing is, though, that it’s kind of demeaning to have what defines you as a person hijacked by someone looking for excuses for their personality or lack thereof, only to throw that out the window the second they’re happy again. Imagine the anti-vaccination movement, right? No proof, and the only thing they do is muddy the water with their unfounded crap.

    Whether it costs a lot to be diagnosed or not, if you want the sticker, you’re gonna have to pay. Seems petty, but that’s my opinion.

  11. samgrimma says:

    i was diagnosed at the age of 18 and a hafe not menny ppl would agree that thay think i have i i surely do not agree to it ether high funcitoning apsy maybe but at the end of the day i dont feel like i have it : / and for one the only reason why most ppl acceped it is cos everyone ells will be like lock em up ect i dont get it why should ppl have the right to label ppl in such ways ??

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