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25 Responses to “Rethinking Autism: No Link”
  1. paradoxical42 says:

    I’m not debating the topic of vaccine’s connection to autism. I’m just wondering why this video is making its point in what I am amusing to be a very abstract sarcasm, precisely the type of dramatic or verbal device that baffles many if not most on the Autism spectrum. I say this as one who has AS but can easily recognize sarcasm. I had to start reading the comments before I could understand what stance the video is making.

  2. SharMess says:

    It’s a long story that I have already spent many hour explaining on other Youtube sites. It’s a neurological condition that was reactivated and worsened as soon as I received the tetanus shot.
    It was a mistake for me to take this vaccine that resulted in me loosing my ability to walk. I am in great pain,lost everything and can no longer care for myself.
    Big Pharma and doctors ran, like hell, away from me and I had no back up during this time. Everything is a “coincidence”.

  3. SharMess says:

    thisis3rd said, “i also got the regular flu shot, chicken pox shot, tetanus, booster shots, i don’t know what all i’ve got”

    AHAHAHA AHAHAHA You’re not kidding are you?

    ‘A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it’s going to get.’ – Ian Williams Goddard

  4. thisis3d says:

    already got the h1n1 shot Einstein. i also got the regular flu shot, chicken pox shot, tetanus, booster shots, i don’t know what all i’ve got. clean living can be bad, if you constantly use antibacterial soap you won’t build an immune system and you will get sick a lot more often. let your kids play in the dirt and eat food off the floor. it makes them stronger. also get your shots.

  5. grenangle says:

    In which way were you affected by a tetanus shot ?

  6. SharMess says:

    Hi my name is Paris Hilton and I don’t wear underwear!

    Wan’t a vaccination??? I know all you dumb little boys do!

  7. SharMess says:

    They are giving vaccinations for A LOT more than those these days. Have you seen the schedule for little kids?

    Clean living, refrigeration and good nutrition are a HUGE reason for the decrease in diseases as well. Big Pharma will argue that!

    Go ahead and get your H1N1 shot, no one is stopping you. You might want to read what the manufacturer says about it though.

    I was disabled by a tetanus shot 10 years ago. Drug companies and doctors all said it was a coincidence. IT WASN’T!

  8. thisis3d says:

    well polio, mumps, measles, and rubella are all pretty horrible.

  9. thisis3d says:

    most people with Autism are missing a huge number of base pairs in their DNA. Also their is more mercury in fish then there is in a vaccine. the mercury in vaccines leaves the body in 44 days, and it isn’t even enough to be toxic. my fillings probably have way more mercury then a vaccine, and they have been proven save for many years now. fun fact for you while im at it, breast milk contains more aluminum then vaccines. i have had many vaccines, guess what, no Autism

  10. SharMess says:

    Ahahahaha! Drug companies generally deliver their vaccine ads disguised as phony public service announcements, that pretend something horrible is going to happen to you if you don’t rush right out and get yours.

    This ad is as phony as the “Paris Hilton eats a BK Burger while washing a Bentley”.

    Phony because vaccines DO cause harm. Drug makers just don’t want YOU AND ME to talk about it. Just like the the fast food industry doesn’t want to admit what they sell is FATTENING AS HELL.

  11. commanderzoom81 says:

    I know that. You’re the one who called it mercury and either way, you’re still dead wrong. It’s not in vaccines anymore, with the exception of some flu vaccines.

  12. commanderzoom81 says:

    There is no mercury in vaccines anymore, tool.

  13. Beeleavit08 says:


  14. AAL says:

    apparently so do tin foil hats

  15. DontBeObamaZombies says:

    Of course vaccines cause Autism, its not even debatable.


  16. JosieZiegler says:

    This ad is pure win!! :)

  17. yobebemama1 says:

    stupid video… try sending a message without trying to sway the audience without using boobs

  18. Matarick says:

    Interesting video. Keep up the good work and I wonder if Leeann is single? Sorry if I am dork but being a part of the autistic spectrum makes it hard to find a date or someone to be with. I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in the 80s and now I have a Bachelor’s degree and have a semi-regular job.

  19. stopHAARP says:

    They really think the people are idiots-this ad is an insult to any intelligent person. Check out the Judge Rotenberg Center of CHILD TORTURE, RAPE, AND MURDER-and tell the Committee on Families and Children in MASS what you think of this hell-hole.

  20. Beeleavit08 says:

    You are confusing Rethink Autism with RethinkING Autism. Check the website before making false charges.

  21. Beeleavit08 says:

    Don’t know about Rethink Autism, but RethinkING Autism is a good site.

  22. fckthssht says:

    While its pretty clear that there is no scientific link between autism and vaccines its is obviously a problem with the biology of the brain and not a psychological problem.

  23. blibbletyblop says:

    Lizdehart–why so angry? All these videos are saying is rely on science. All medical progress throughout history has depended on that.

  24. lizdehart says:

    If you want the truth about autism – Rethink autism is NOT the place for it.

  25. lizdehart says:

    Everything – considering that rethinkautism is a FOR PROFIT company that is making money of of behavioral therapy instead of getting to the root of the cause.

    Disgusting – like vultures praying on the parents of sick children.

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