TOTALLY FOREIGN Watch аƖƖ episodes οח April 2 CNN’s World Autism Awareness Day focus οח Graham Streeter’s feature film Normal Folk featuring autism аחԁ Asperger Syndrome аחԁ Marty Murphy.

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7 Responses to “RETURN TO AUTISM – Episode 02 of 10: Family, Insurance, Careers, Employment”
  1. Sitheis2009 says:

    Thanks for this video. I also am also autistic and its good to see an Adult with autism and to see they are living a normal and independent life.

  2. cmaspt says:

    There was nothing like this when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s, and no awareness by society. It is encouraging and a little exciting for me to see what we might all be capable as awareness and support become more available, even though we still have a long way to go.

    This is an amazing movie that will further move this process along, as it needs to be. Thank you for making it.


  3. autismawarenessnow says:

    Thank you! Awesome informative video.

  4. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Is she acting for a movie? That would be awesome. I like how in the conversations it’s obviously autism & not just speech parameters being untypical.

    I like how they point out the person has different needs, but “she knows her stuff.”

  5. sheltiepaws1 says:

    Excellent video!
    I hope everyone watches this, it’s so important.
    Thankyou so much for posting

  6. leoleponge says:

    Great video, Graham!!

  7. fruitofspirit says:

    What a wonderfully supportive brother! Marty, you are an inspiration! You’re going to help a lot of people better undrstand Autism. We’ve had to deal with the self-destructive behaviors with our own daughter. She bites her shirt and pinches her chest when she feels like she has no control. But we have become involved with the Autism Society of South East Texas, and connecting with other families has been a source of strength.

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