A חеw study ѕауѕ tһаt one οf еνеrу hundred 8-year-olds wаѕ diagnosed wіtһ autism οr a related disorder іח 2006. Tһаt’s a 57 percent jump frοm four years earlier. Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports.

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8 Responses to “Rise in Autism Diagnoses”
  1. tekyu says:

    Hmm.. who has done this videoclip?
    and ASD diagnostic kriteria does not involve Mental Retardation.
    The Lona Wing triad says:Social interaction, social communication and Social imagination.
    It’s so wrong to include Mental retardation in a ASD criteria, when only 60% of ASD people have MR.
    ASD isnt a disorder who results on vaccine. I havent find any studies who back that claim up. Dont spread the lie further.

  2. ryuseabee says:


  3. SSGKV says:

    You’re absolutely correct. The immune systems of babies are not fully developed and cannot combat the poisons contained in the vaccines which are intended to make the child immune. The vaccines corrupt that development, and as a result the children lose cognitive abilities in a variety of unpredictable ways because there’s no way to predict the stump of development after the child is injected with the diseases. It’s really a shame that the govt doesn’t just come out and tell everyone.

  4. LIMom71 says:

    All this time-ALL THIS TIME & what’s the CDC & FDA said different? Not a damn thing. I’m a mother of a child who’s going to be in a mental prison for the rest of his life. A sweet angel deprived of his life, supressed thoughts,somoene with feelings, fears, pains that he’s use & at the end of the day is teachers who work with my son they give me hope, n pride, and Thank God for them…

  5. MrsSarb says:

    I definitely think it has a lot to do with the way they now diagnose autism. They never used to diagnose it as a spectrum disorder. It used to be only for those who were extremely affected by autism.

  6. flawedbeauty82 says:

    No, it’s called genetics and broader diagnostic definitions.

  7. ufatpeople says:

    You know why?… Vaccines.. wake up swine flu new world order research it.. or stay asleep and get butchered.

  8. brutaldeathmetal01 says:


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