Vaccines аrе חοt safe аחԁ tһе amount οf shots children аrе taking keep increasing аt a tremendous speed. Tһіѕ means һυɡе profits fοr tһе bіɡ pharmaceutical companies especially wһеח tһе schools ѕау tһаt іt іѕ mandatory. Tһе truth іѕ, іѕ tһаt vaccines аrе חοt mandatory. Tһеrе іѕ a religious exemption. Fοr examples οח һοw tο write аח exemption letter ɡο tο Educate yourself аt

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25 Responses to “Robert F Kennedy explains vaccines and the autism coverup”
  1. scopiusyankel says:

    I’m a speech-language pathologist. He appears to have a condition known as spasmodic dysphonia. This involves involuntary contractions of laryngeal musculature leading to those unusual vocal ‘spasms’. It would obviously take far more assessment to be 100% positive. There’s no known etiology… just like autism. Correlation does not equal causation. There is no evidence for what they are saying. Autism has many components which demonstrate evidence (e.g. genetics). This is irritating.

  2. faulisdead says:

    He could run for President but his voice is too weird to win

  3. BrideAndGroomFilmsHD says:

    @LavandaDolce Where is the evidence that autism is caused by vaccines? Send it to me.

  4. 1stTrillionaire says:

    Oh Rob, if only u can also talk about the cover up of the assassinations of your father and uncle!

  5. 1stTrillionaire says:

    Oh Rob, if only u can also talk about the cover up of assassinations of your father and uncle!

  6. r31ncarnat3d says:

    Yes, because there is an international secret organization of doctors out to bleed the world dry.

    Can you for once just actually back up what you’re saying? Doctors aren’t “lining their pockets”! Did you ever once consider the 300k debt from medical school, how they’re on call 24/7, or the bloody insurance premiums they’re out to pay?

    Go educate yourself before opening your mouth, you uneducated, idiotic, selfish neanderthal!

  7. arcademod says:

    Doctors are also lining their pockets anyway they can.

  8. Rockguitarnow says:

    I’m not sure this guy understands, but the Republicans have been using the CIA to kill off his whole family for decades.

  9. LavandaDolce says:

    I think it is sad that people would rather accuse those who have scientific evidence that proves autism has come from vaccines. This is not a scare’s factual. Think about this. Why are there so many under the age of 22 running around with autism and spectrum disorders? Why not 50 yr olds? The answer is clear. Because our youth were exposed. I know. My son was a healthy newborn until his vaccs. He is autistic and has multiple seizures…all that started shortly after his first yr vac.

  10. wiscsuzski says:

    EXACTLY transatlantic! I can’t believe this RFKJr garbage is still being presented as current, much less accurate. It is infuriating that the people who buy it ferociously spread it and mutate it (like in the obtuse vax ingredients), and close themselves off from reality. I admire your perseverance in this fight that should have been conceded years ago. These fear-mongers are dangerous. anti-vax AND anti-spectrum.
    Yet, you’re the one with all the thumbs down. (shakes head)

  11. r31ncarnat3d says:

    Most doctors advocate vaccine use. You claim that vaccine use is harmful, indirectly claiming doctors are wrong. Doctors get their information from medical school and medical journals, while you take your “info” from the internet.

    It isn’t a fallacious argument; it’s logic. If a=b, b=c, c=d, then a=d.

  12. arcademod says:

    This is a fallacious argument and you are wrong for trying it. Your making the argument that using the internet to research whether or not to get injected with some trash from a company that doesnt give a sh*t is in some way shape or form related to a doctor going to school. Why don’t you get rid of your computer and park yourself in front of the T.V. Im sure you’ll get all the fake info you want there.

  13. JoeJC says:

    Robert’s voice seems quite strained.

  14. jpace4revolution says:

    no vaccine,=no autism, add, gulf war syndrome, add, etc

  15. jpace4revolution says:

    don’t forget some of them have donkeys and horses they use to get around. Oh and boxcutters.

  16. r31ncarnat3d says:


    So many people argue that they don’t want their kids to get vaccines because of “what they read on the internet”.

    My argument? If the internet is so amazing, let’s all get our doctors subscriptions to Comcast instead of medical school! Who needs medical textbooks when you have conspiracy theorists on YouTube and dumbed-down info on Wikipedia?

  17. Aaberg123 says:

    At least 18 months of preparations by university educated men, so your hyperbolic strawman of an argument falls quite flat on it’s face.

  18. filmtress says:

    You’re trying to come intelligent but actually it’s the opposite. Truth is truth. This silly little exchange is OVER!

  19. doomsday800 says:

    osama bin laden admitted to it. Conspiracy theorys cant hold up to facts

  20. Aaberg123 says:

    Not necessarily. I know it may seem that way (because they correlated), but don’t use emotions to prove a point. You’re helping no one using this anecdotal evidence as an argument, but can in fact end up killing people due to lacking vaccination.

    As I said: Correlation does not mean causation. Learn about the scientific method if you want to understand it more in-depth.

  21. filmtress says:

    Only people who don’t get a chance to see it up close or it happen to THEIR daughter or son say something silly like ‘correlation does not mean causation’. Actually in this case IT DOES!

  22. Thetwistedcorner says:

    You believe 9/11 was carried out by a guy in a cave with a cell phone? I’d love to see your proof of that.

  23. Aaberg123 says:

    Correlation does not equal causation, not matter how much “common sense” you apply.

  24. filmtress says:

    When my niece was born she was so calm and was sleeping quietly through the night. However, when they injected her from the day on she randomly burst into screams. She cried off and on for days. She wouldn’t sleep through the night. She broke out in fevers & chills. Then three months later they’re (hospital) calling her back wanting to give her the HPV vaccines AT THREE MONTHS?! IT FOR SEXUALLY ACTIVE TEENS! We said enough is enough.’ It’s time for common sense to rule here.

  25. Gawwad1982 says:

    “the marathon”, a great movie about autism

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