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25 Responses to “Robert Kennedy on the Vaccine Autism Coverup”
  1. truvelocity says:

    @Freeman72K Shills rely on ignorance.

  2. vespine says:

    Can’t you see the contradictions in your arguments? HOW is it even possible that “Big Pharma” is in trouble “again” if they are really “all powerful” and the FDA, government, courts, doctors, labs, hospitals and everyone else you claim is a “shill” is in their pockets like you claim? The REAL conspiracy is andrew wakefield, he was a shill for “Big Law”, they paid him out to write the “autism” paper because they wanted to sue the drug companies! There’s your conspiracy.

  3. Freeman72K says:

    @truvelocity Yes, it would have been nice to be aware of this info years ago before the internet was taking off and our kids were vaccinated. Big Pharma Merick and Pfizer are in trouble again for FALSIFYING “scientific” studies that Pharma shills like ButtHead47 and StumpedUglyOne revere as infallible – if it comes from Pharma it must be true! What a bunch of dumb ass tools these shills are. Btw havent seen those two aforementioned scumbag shills trolling here…quite nice.

  4. TwoCows23 says:

    HA HA HA! OH, WOW!

  5. morganlunn says:

    This is where the human brain fails.
    It is designed (not really, evolution forced the brain to) to see patterns in things.
    But sometimes it sees patterns that do not exist.
    And that is where science helps to see the truth.

  6. vespine says:

    @Alexandra22773. I said child vaccines, children are not routinely given the flu vaccine. But the rate of autism IN CHILDREN has not dropped for eight years.

  7. Alexandra22773 says:

    Baloney. In 2006 I look up the vaccine ingredients on the CDC web site, and some vaccines had it. The flu shots STILL have it!

  8. alan4sure says:

    This was news in 2000. Not now. The study was so flawed that the auhors now even had to admit there is no vaccine-autism corelation. That was just this year. The ignoramuses will have to find another conspiracy theory to flog. And the parents of autistic kids will have to find something else to blame, too. Like maybe, plain old bad luck???

  9. truvelocity says:

    Informed Consent is a Human Right: The
    right to voluntary, informed consent to a medical intervention,including use of a pharmaceutical product such as a vaccine that can injure or kill you or your child, is a human right. Thimerosal has been in the Hep B shots in America as part of the 36 shot regimen since they claimed they took it out of MMR, but waited until their previous contract ran out, so it wasn’t taken out immediately, the previous lots were used up containing it. Be aware, folks!

  10. vespine says:

    Indeed! And the guy who initially published the findings, Andrew Wakefield is being taken through the wringer in court for gross misconduct. Turns out, he was being paid off by “Big Law” because they wanted to sue the pharma companies, there’s your conspiracy right there. And Thiomersal has not been in child vaccines for about 8 years and the rates of autism have not gone down, so there is no link.

  11. wd40tex says:

    dont use a cell phone when pregnant or cordless phone wifi etc. THis is not autism
    these kids have emr symdrome electo microwave radiation symdrome

  12. DieBlutgrafin says:

    Umm, none of what they said is true.
    Like, not even a little bit.

    There is no correlation between autism and vaccination.
    The early study done on that, published in the Lancet, was withdrawn because of this.
    It is an illusory correlation, and a dangerous one. Vaccination for these illnesses can prevent chances of death.
    Truth is, actually, hundreds of children died when vaccinations were more scarce (because of this theory). Rates of autism didn’t change.

    There is no evidence to support this.

  13. RoyalMagic7 says:

    @MassLiberal1 Well autism is certainly NOT genetic, whatever the cause(es) may be. The former head of the Human Genome Research Inst. and now Director of Natl. Inst. of Health, Francis Collins, has debunked that – only the pharmaceuticals and their shills want to keep pushing genetics and refuse to admit the possibility of external factors contributing to autism such as vaccinations.

  14. MassLiberal1 says:

    Indeed, there may be too many vaccines and they may cause unfortunate side-effects. But autism? I love Bobby Jr. but I need to see the proof. Certainly I don’t trust either the government or big pharma but this autism-vaccine conspiracy theory seems far-fetched, at least at the moment.

  15. batigol47 says:

    Lay off the pipe.

  16. beingPOISONED says:

    batigol the troll lies false pharma$ cover ups fox monsanto milk springs to mind , mercury tin hats all round health an safety risk
    ? ? ?

  17. batigol47 says:

    He is far worse than Jenny McCarthy. She is just foolish. Michael is pushing an agenda because he has an axe to grind.

  18. batigol47 says:

    It is a myth and it has been debunked, thoroughly. YOu simply choose to ignore all the science done in the past 10 years because your agenda does not give one shit about evidence. Disagree? Well then post some evidence that actually supports your claim of a positive correlation. All you have is conjecture and ignorance.
    EthylHg in the levels present in the very few vaccines that still contain it HAS not been shown to be harmful.

  19. batigol47 says:

    I did respond to you fuckwit. Still haven’t figured out how to view all comments eh?

  20. iamanatheist666 says:

    The only shill science is your stupid fucking conspiracy theory

  21. iamanatheist666 says:

    Bahahaha, you’re just as bad as that dumb slut Jenny McCarthy. The most “credible” evidence establishing a link between vaccines and autism was a paper published by Dr. Andrew Wakefield in the British medical journal The Lancet, and that paper was just officially retracted and 10 of the 12 authors asked that their names be removed from the paper. The CDC, WHO, NIH, AMA, FDA, and all other credible scientific institutions have formally stated that vaccines DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. Fucking dumbass.

  22. iamanatheist666 says:

    You are a fucking idiot. Every single “toxin” in a vaccine is at a low enough concentration that it does not cause harm. That is a fact. Ethylmercury is nowhere near as harmful as actual mercury, as it does not bioaccumulate in the body. But it doesn’t matter anyways because thimerosal is not used anymore, except in the influenza vaccine.

  23. michael0156 says:

    Toxins – non-self endotoxins/DNA fragments (from bacteria/fungus used to grow antigens), adjuvants/preservatives (used to increase profit margins), chemicals used to attenuate live virus or bacteria, & other toxins that become part of vaccine during the manufactuing process & Big Pharma has convinced the FDA to allow these to be injected into infants
    Ethylmercury is completely HARMFUL
    Vaccines causing autism is not a myth & hasn’t been debunked. Shill science says “no evidence” has been found

  24. michael0156 says:

    Why don’tyou post somethig in response to me Batty? Posting to someone else or having your wife post to someone else is not how you respond to me sweetie.

    You claim to have answers for me? then answer me

  25. sharegoodstuff1 says:

    This is one reason why we do not get our children vaccinated.

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